10 essential apps for your tablet

10 essential apps for your tablet

The thing that makes tablets really useful is the apps. Unfortunately, there are literally millions of apps available. Fear not! I’ve done the research for you, and am bringing you the apps that every tablet owner needs to install. By the way, these apps are also great for your smartphone.

1. Don’t lose your tablet

Sometimes your tablet or smartphone can grow legs of its own and wander off. Or, sometimes it has help from some sticky-fingered thief. Whatever the reason, Android Device Manager (Free, Android) or Find My iPhone (Free, iOS) can help you locate your lost gadget, lock it, and if worse comes to worst, you can remotely wipe your mobile gadget clear.

2. Manage your money

Creating and sticking to a budget is important, but time-consuming. You could spend hours slaving away over a checkbook or computer program. Simplify things with the Mint app (Free: Android, iOS). It links to your bank account so you always know just how much money you have. Then you can set up spending categories with a budget for each and — in no time — you’ll have a real-time report on your financial health.

3. Edit your photos on the go

For simple photo editing on your gadget, try the Fotor app (Free: Android, iOS). Change the filter on the photo to achieve the best effects, customize the borders, create collages, and more! And when you’ve got the perfect picture, you can share it with others online with just the tap of a button. If you’re a real shutterbug, here are more great photo apps.

4. Know the weather before stepping out the door

Before you head out on your next travel adventure, grab the Weather Channel app (Free: Android, iOS, Windows Phone). You can check the current temperature, the hourly forecast and the next 10 days of weather. You’ll also get a customizable radar map, video clips, severe weather alerts and beach conditions. It’s just better than your gadget’s built-in weather app.

5. Be more productive

One of the standard productivity tools for home and business is Microsoft Office. Unfortunately, Office documents don’t always play nice with third-party apps. That’s why it was a big deal when Microsoft released Microsoft Office Mobile (Free: Android, iOS, Windows Phone). It lets you open, create and perform basic editing of Word, Excel and PowerPoint files no matter where you go.

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