5 more digital tricks you’ll use almost every day

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Whether you’re skiing or going to the beach, place your phone in a sandwich bag to prevent damage — and best of all, you can still use the touch screen.

Need a fast charge? Put your phone in airplane mode to speed up the process by around 25 percent. And if you need to pump up the volume in a flash, set your phone inside a plastic, glass or paper cup, sans liquid of course.

Today’s gadgets, apps and sites are so powerful and do so many different things that most of us will use only a fraction of their built-in features. I put together some of the greatest tricks that you will use every day, or at least on occasion, to impress family and friends.

1. Take a picture with your voice

Smartphones and tablets are great for snapping candid pictures, but tapping the screen or pressing a hardware button can jiggle the gadget and ruin the shot.

Of course, you can avoid this by using your headphone control buttons to take a picture. It’s a definite, crowd-pleasing, “How’d you do that?” moment. Click here for detailed steps on how to do this slick trick and a few others.

But that’s old school now. How about telling your phone to take a picture? In Android, an app like Camera ZOOM FX ($3) has voice-activation. VoiceSnap for iOS ($1) does the same thing for iPhones and iPads. These are also great for taking group pictures from a distance.

There’s a lot more to taking a great picture than snapping the shutter. To increase your digital photo smarts, here are five secrets for Android and Apple to help you take professional-looking photos.

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