6 exercise mistakes you’re probably making

6 exercise mistakes you're probably making

You’re the picture of perfect form and you’d never be caught dead slacking off at the gym. Good. But even health nuts fall prey to these subtle (but serious) exercise mistakes.

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1. Eating Too Much Before Your Workout

Check the back of your pre-workout “muscle” bar. Many are loaded with sugar that could make you crash midway through your regimen, says trainer and owner of Results Fitness, Rachel Cosgrove, C.S.C.S. Also, pay attention to how your stomach feels during your workout. Everyone digests differently, and while the “wait 30 minutes to swim” rule isn’t hard or fast, if your snack isn’t digested when you hop on the treadmill, your body will prioritize fueling your muscles over processing your food and you could be in for a serious stomachache. Cosgrove suggests fueling up for your workouts with a fast-digesting whey-protein shake.

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2. Doing the Same Exercises Every Week

We don’t care if you like your routine. Every four to six weeks, you have to change it up. “If you’re doing the same exercises and weights, you aren’t putting an increased demand on your body and are wasting your time,” Cosgrove says. Your body adapts to the specific demands (exercises, sets, reps, and resistance) you put on it.

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