Albanian seamen die in Norman Atlantic ferry recovery

Albanian seamen die in Norman Atlantic ferry recovery

Two Albanian seamen have been killed on a tugboat while towing the fire-stricken Norman Atlantic ferry.

Both men died after a connecting cable between the vessels snapped on Tuesday morning after it became entangled in a propeller, Albanian officials say.

Ten people were killed and more than 400 rescued, after a fire broke out on the ferry in stormy seas on Sunday.

It is unclear how many passengers are still missing. The cause of the fire on the car deck is unknown.

The Italian authorities said they could not verify the actual number of people originally on board and rescuers are still searching the vessel.

The operator said 478 people had been on the ferry when it left the Greek port of Patras for Ancona in Italy, but Italy’s final tally following the rescue comes to only 437, including those who died.




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