Think the main world-class Caribbean jubilee happens in Trinidad and Tobago?

Way off the mark.

Barbados’ lively Crop Over summer celebration, which once denoted the end of the sugar harvest and a festival for slaves, has advanced into the best representation of the island’s saucy soul.

This present year’s gathering wrapped on August 4, with the regular crush of shade, ensembles, music, sustenance and remarkable history from one of the Carib’s easternmost islands.

Trim Over occasions range from memorable recognitions, for example, the Ceremonial Delivery of the Last Canes, where estate period customs are on presentation, to Foreday Morning, in which members slather one another in mud, paint and powder, to Grand Kadooment, in which revelers wine the day away in inadequate outfits of quills and globules, scoring to soca music.

As the photograph exhibition above demonstrates, the 21-mile-long island of Barbados may be little in size, however its interesting turn on jamboree is evidence of its enthusiasm.