Another 10 Creative Ways to Make Money Online easily in 2013

In the era of technological advancement, you can easily generate cold hard cash right at your fingertips. Unlike few decades back where manual labor and hard work are the only means of spawning cash, now with just a click on the computer or any internet connected gadget, even an average person on the street can already make millions of dollars online.

As they often say, brilliant and wise minds can always find a way around—even in the online world. It may seem difficult to trace back the history of using the Internet as a money generating resource. Yet the evidence of the brilliancy of this idea is evident as this sparked the lives of many Internet users who now turned into Internet millionaires simply by using the online world either to sell of their skills or their businesses online. The success stories of these millionaires may seem to be to-good-to-be-true, as it often perceived that these stories are the stories of some people who were just lucky enough to have eureka moments as they stumbled on a brilliant online idea. However, in reality there are thousands of people enjoying the benefits of making a living online including the huge profit.

Using the online world as a source of income is a sure ticket to riches. If you want to tag along the marching band of the millionaires, here are the ten ways on how you can join them.

How to Make Money Online

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1. Sell Stock Photography

If you are a professional photographers or even a hobbyist, you may consider the idea of selling stock photography. In the online world, stock photography supplies the needs of media and commercial outlets. Photographs of people portraying as professionals or stereotypes at sold at a lower cost. As the Internet advancement continues to gain its momentum, the use stock images for online media also grows dramatically. Since stock images are searchable online, industries needing photographs for creative assignments can purchase and retrieved the licensed photographs in no time.

One of the notable people behind stock photography is Yuri Arcurs—the world’s top selling stock photographer for four years. Being the man behind the commercial photographs of renowned brands and shows, Arcurs makes millions of dollars each year. In fact, he is selling more than 4 million individual licenses each year. So if you are into taking pictures, might as well venture on stock photography.

2. Tweet for Sponsors

If you spend a lot of time on twitter, you may consider visiting and see how it can give a ticket to richness. allows the sponsors from the local business industries to different organizations to get their messages known online. You, as a twitter fanatic, can make money out these sponsors by charging them as you tweet their advertising messages to your own followers. By setting your rate per tweets, and choosing the categories and keywords you want to work with, advertisers will browse through your profile and offer. Interested advertisers will then contact you and discuss about your offer. The good side of this is that as you take on the project, you have the autonomy over the account as you can choose to rewrite the tweet or reject it.

3. Blog for Ad Revenues

For blogs enthusiast, blog sites can be an avenue for another advertising strategy. In the world of blogs, site owners may accommodate different ad networks to post advertisements on their blog sites. As these networks, like Google AdSense, place their ads on a site, sure money will come every time a reader clicks an ad.

One of the successful people who ventured in this idea is the Canadian blogger John Chow. With his john chow dot com, he showed the world how blogging plus ad sales and other revenue streams boosted his profit from zero to $40,000 a month. In this manner, he did not only increase his number of readers but also gain profit out of them. So if you are a blog owner and become John Chow’s next in line, you may consider accommodating ad networks.

4. Sell Affiliate Products

If you think you have a good public relation skill and can easily persuade people, you might as well use your skill online and venture on selling products for affiliates. By checking on Amazon and eBay affiliates program, you can choose the products you want to advertise on your site for there is a wide range of products available. And of course, you have the autonomy to amplify your site by choosing how you would want to advertise your desired products.

Be one of the top earning affiliates. Say goodbye to the rigorous world of selling supplements and pills; and say hello to huge earnings by exploring the world of affiliate program.

5. Write an eBook

To all writing enthusiasts, you may explore the world of writing eBooks and publish your own works online. You do not need to go through the hassles and bustles of selling your write ups to publishers. All you need to do is check various sites such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo, and publish your books and write ups there. Self-publishing saves you a lot of time and effort; and at the same time you may enjoy the perks of having around 70% commission on every sale.

People are becoming more and more attracted to eBooks. It was noted that last year, the eBooks on Amazon skyrocketed to 8 million where thriller and mystery genre were the top grossing eBooks purchased. You may take on any genre you like; but if you have the talent and the imagination to create a good thriller and mystery story, greater chances of having larger profit is in stored for you.

Be inspired by Amanda Hocking’s success in eBook writing. At the age of 26, she is continuously generating more than $2 million a year by just writing thriller and mystery stories.

6. Become a Virtual Assistant

If you want to have a consistent source of income and at the same time live a cozy life at home, you may consider working as a virtual assistant. Small businesspersons often consider hiring virtual assistants rather than full time employees for a lower cost. With a rate of around $20 per hour, its work facets of being a virtual assistant include administrative, technical, and creative assistance—from ticket booking up to dealing with the employers’ needs. Though you will be working at the comfort of your homes, you will still have a taste of working in the business world.

7. Lease your skills

Freelancing is a new trend in the online world. If you have skills in writing, web coding, transcribing and translating, graphic designing, you may consider selling your skills online. Though these jobs do have a market value in the real world, most people with these skills found success in the virtual world. You may visit sites such as 99designs, Elance, Freelancer and iWriter to explore the world of freelancing. These sites will become your avenue to sell your skills and meet clients; at the same time gain full time profit out of your skills.

8. Selling on eBay

Do you have a lot unused stuffs at your home? Do you already want to dispose your stuffs without throwing your money away and instead gain money out from it? If you answered yes to these questions, then you may consider selling your stuffs online via eBay. Nevertheless, this site is not only limited to selling unwanted stuffs, if you have the skills in crafting, you may sell your works too. EBay is not your average online marketplace. You can profit more out from buying and selling. As you purchase wholesale products and stuffs, you can sell your stuffs with a sure mark-up.

A lot of people, like the eBay millionaire couple Matt and Amanda Clarkson have managed to generate a large sum out from their sales. If you are planning to sell or start up a retailing business, you may consider starting your path to riches on eBay.

9. Become a Mobile App Tester

Technological advancement is not only limited to the realm of computers; it has also expanded on the gadgets we usually have on our pockets and bags—cellular phones and tablets. Cellular phones and tabs nowadays can be amplified using applications.

Applications vary per gadget and capacity; but the most famous application purchased is the iPhone apps. Part of the process of developing iPhone app is the testing process. As a App tester, you will be paid for your efforts in testing and discovering bugs using the uTest. The career in app testing is not a one-time shot, most often than not app testers with the best reputation on this field of online profiting gains access to more app testing opportunities.

10. Designing T-shirts

If art is passion then there is a greater chance for you to gain millions by showing off your skills in t-shirt designing. You can create cool and personalized designs and sell them online. Since your designs are in the World Wide Web, be sure to create unique and eye catching designs to attract a large number of internet users and design finders. To build a career in t-shirt designing business, you may browse through Café press where you can have your personal online store and upload your crafty designs there. Apart from this, you may also browse for distributors such as and to have your designs mainstreamed.

You may read our article The Top 10 Tips on Starting Your Own Successful Clothing Line and be inspired to start in this industry. This article will give you the what-to-dos and other ideas in t-shirt designing.

Being a jack-of-all-trades can be your best asset as you venture in the world of making money online. You do not need to have special skills in computer usage or you do not even have to create your own site to start in this industry. Most importantly, you do not need to invest millions to gain millions. All you need is your skill, effort, perseverance, and time to generate a large sum of money online.

The working life in the virtual and online world is just the same with the arduous working life in the real world. However, the range of people you can interact and do business with is much wider rather compared to the real world. Hence, this gives you a greater chance in gaining millions in no time.

Get inspired by the notable people who became millionaires online and start your career in the online world. You may never know, you have already become one of them.



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