BBC News switches PC users to responsive site

BBC News switches PC users to responsive site

The desktop version of the BBC News website has been switched off, and all visitors are now being directed to a newer, responsive design.

The new site adapts its layout depending on what type of device it is being used on, be it a desktop PC, tablet or mobile.

The BBC said the move reflected the change in how the majority of visitors were consuming their news.

However, some users said the design felt “empty” and “too bright”.

Desktop visitors to the BBC News site have been prompted to try out the new responsive design for the past few weeks – but now the desktop-only site has been switched off for good.

Users are being automatically taken to the new-look site.

“We now see 65% of our visitors to the website are on mobile or tablet devices,” said Robin Pembrooke, the BBC’s head of product for the News and Weather sites.




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