Blogging is a way that reveal one’s thoughts and can earn money

Blogging is a way that reveal one’s thoughts, ideas, opinions, experiences or mental image by posting articles on a blog or posting comments on someone else’s blog. A blog is a website that contains an online personal journal, comments, images, links etc. A blog is usually maintained by an individual, known as blogger.

Blogging need to write from ones passion. If it is possible then you found your niche. Choosing your niche based on its potential profitability rather than your passion will lead to burn out and dissatisfaction. The key behind every successful blog is this: they love their topic.

Sharing your views with having same mentality people is always very interesting. Blogging allows you to do it in a relax, elegant and interactive way. Even if you get responses and comments of interested people from all around the world is really amazing.

Tips to start blogging successfully:

Firstly you need to create the URL in which your blog would lie .Once you decide your URL do not change it ever. If you change your URL frequently you need change all over again. This will hamper your blog to become popular.

Choose the subject you like most. Remember your blog is the mirror of your passion and knowledge. Identify such a subject that you can nourish consistently. Some topic like technology related, product related or money making blog, city centric blog there are all ways something news to give your readers and points to discuss. In these blogs you need to write something that is self driven original content. From the other website get inspiration and idea.

Posting quality content keeps your reader engaged and makes them come back more. Beginning of your blogging posting content is easy because since you will have a lot o ideas but with the progress of time consistently delivering news in a particular topic become tougher. Such you need to more innovative.

Once your blog is ready it’s time to tell the world –what you looking for is here. But how would it be possible? There are zillions of website to find out prospective readers for your blog. Building your social network is a time consuming and never ending process. You need make a effort to marketing your blog with the world.

Immense benefit of blogging:

Blogging help you to improve your writing skill. It also helps you to become a great writer which leads you to more effective when dealing with clients or customers.

One of the important benefits of blogging is that you’re able to build a name for yourself or your business (depending on which one you blog under). If your writing is great on your blog, people will appreciate you for that. It’s help branding yourself or your business by expressing your view to a massive audience, without spending a large amount of money.

For blogging people need lots of knowledge that makes bloggers more educated or knowledgeable.

Blogging keeps you ahead of the competition by providing information consistently into the web sphere. By making more back links of web site, branding for your business etc.

Blogging can also earn for you. There are two ways in which a blogger can earn: directly and indirectly.


  1.  Directly: Your blog can make money (usually via advertisements, affiliate marketing, or paid posts). Typically it involves putting ads in your blog and getting paid for every blog visitor who clicks on the ads.
  1. Indirectly: There are various ways to indirectly make money with your blog, like if you want to promote your business you could use a blog as well.  If you’re an author, writing a blog can help you to multiply your fans and sell more books. Similarly, if you’re a freelance writer, a blog can show your talents to attract more work. Others use their blogging for self-promotion to get consulting work or to be a public speaker.



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