Bloody ISIS campaign spills across region, into Egypt

Bloody ISIS campaign spills across region, into Egypt

ISIS claims attacks on security forces in Sinai

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria earned its brutal reputation as it spread violence and terror across those two war-torn countries.

But in an apparent expansion of its reach, it has, in just the past week, claimed responsibility for a roll call of attacks in other countries: the deadly bombing of a mosque in Kuwait last Friday, the horrific beachfront killings in Tunisia the same day and now coordinated military attacks in Egypt.

ISIS apparently launched simultaneous attacks Wednesday on Egyptian military checkpoints, reportedly killing 17 Egyptian soldiers and injuring 30 others.

The wave of violence comes after a spokesman for the Sunni extremist group urged followers to step up attacks during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. And it shows how ISIS’ tentacles are reaching out from Yemen on the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula across the Gulf states to Tunisia in North Africa.

Egypt: Deadly attacks in Sinai

ISIS claimed responsibility for Wednesday’s attacks in the restive Sinai province in statements posted on Twitter.

The confrontations between ISIS militants and Egyptian troops left at least 100 jihadis dead, the Egyptian military reported on its official Facebook page Wednesday.

Egyptian military spokesman Brig. Gen. Mohamed Samir told CNN Thursday that the situation in the Sinai was now “100% under control.” He also said that the Muslim Brotherhood — banned as a terrorist organization in Egypt — was “behind all of this.”




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