Brazil vs. Netherlands: World Cup Live Updates

12 july 2014

FT: Brazil 0-3 Netherlands(Van Persie pen 3′, Blind ’16, Wijnaldum 91′)
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by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 3:53 AM
Bra (4-2-3-1): Julio Cesar; Maicon, Thiago Silva, DavidLuiz, Maxwell; Paulinho, Luis Gustavo; Oscar, Ramires, Willian; Jo.
Ned (5-3-2): Cillessen; Kuyt, De Vrij, Vlaar, Martins Indi, Blind; Clasie, Wijnaldum, De Guzman; Robben, Van Persie.
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 1:01 AM
Poll: Can Brazil make a second-half comeback?

Yes, they have the talent
No, Netherlands are too strong
David Luiz for the winner

by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 2:55 AM
FULL-TIME: Brazil 0-3 Netherlands
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 3:53 AM
Cillessen has to be the only Goalie in history to have been subbed out of a WC twice (for different players) while not suffering any injury at all
by Drewbueno 3:53 AM
Vlaar makes Hulk look small lol
by Sam Hill 3:53 AM
Hulk mad.hulk smash
by pale 3:53 AM
David Luiz was marking Robben, in a 2v1 overlapping situation. 100% not his fault that time, let’s be fair.
by Bashel 3:53 AM
Brazil not convincing at all, how did they win group matches?
by EG 3:53 AM
this is just a great game
by Osi Ikh 3:53 AM
10 goals conceded in two games… wow.
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 3:52 AM
Almost four for the Dutch as Arjen Robben gets free on the left, plenty of support at the back post, but Brazil somehow get enough on it to clear.
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 3:52 AM
Where was David Luiz on that goal lol
by Sam Hill 3:51 AM
And the nightmare is complete… Send the jet plane to Brasilia for the team to escape. and Get Scolari underground!
by blytzus = Al Saloha 3:51 AM
Vorm coming! ALL HAIL LVG!!!!!!!!!
by [ ] 3:51 AM
Classy move by LVG.
by Jim 3:51 AM
Brazil put out of their misery.
by George James 3:51 AM
by Travis 3:51 AM
Third gk comimg :D
by pale 3:51 AM
92′ – a great move by Louis van Gaal here as Michel Vorm – the only player not to have had a minute at the World Cup so far – comes on for Jesper CIllessen.
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 3:51 AM
Credit to Elias here… Michel Vorm’s appearance would make the Netherlands the first time in history to use all 23 players at a World Cup.
by ESPN Stats & Info 3:50 AM
by Mo 3:50 AM
10-1 on aggregate!
by Jim 3:50 AM
Wow Wijnaldum
by raisinghell 3:50 AM
by haha 3:50 AM
3 goals = 3rd place!
by Eskimo 3:50 AM
well, good game everyone
by Yung Cheeto 3:50 AM
It’s all so, so easy for the Dutch as Daryl Janmaat crosses from the right flank and Georginio Wijnaldum meets the ball unmarked, eight yards out, to finish. Where was the defending?
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 3:50 AM
by [ ] 3:49 AM
More goals!!
by Zach 3:49 AM
Salt. Wound. Burn
by azeus 3:49 AM
Georginio Wijnaldum
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 3:49 AM
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 3:49 AM
Germany by 2. Messi scores one though
by azeus 3:48 AM
Argentina has to win tomorrow to complete the Brazilian nightmare.
by Yukos 3:48 AM
Reputation shouldn’t matter. Only the play
by CJ 3:48 AM
Not a Clasie way to go… wasting time.
by Drewbueno 3:48 AM
This comment may be a little premature, but at this point this is saddest I have ever seen a Brazilian side. Gutless, tactless, toothless, unimaginative, and not even playing with an ounce of passion of years gone by. What a sad, sad game this is for them! Playing for third and STILL not putting up a fight… I expected Brazil… I mean the real Brazil… to stand up and fight for some pride, some honor on their home field. Yet it Goes to show you how deluded they were and duped we were into thinking they had a genuine chance. How did Chile and Colombia lose to these clowns (Side show Luis reference)?!?! Oh yeah… Neymar carried them on the broadest 22 year old shoulders ever~!
by blytzus = Al Saloha 3:48 AM
Joël Veltman – a real star for Ajax – will come on for Jordy Clasie, who departs on a stretcher. He should be fine though.
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 3:48 AM
Jordy Clasie is down getting treatment, while Ron Vlaar asks Hulk why he’s going in hard this late in the game – it’s all getting a bit heated.
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 3:47 AM
Yayy…Brazil for the RUNNERS UP of Third Place!
by RMF 3:46 AM
Since this match is crawling to a doomed conclusion, predictions on tomorrow anyone?
by Amit 3:46 A
has the 4th placed team at a world cup EVER had a negative GD?
by cssounders 3:46 AM
ESPNFC.comAlgerian referee Djamel Haimoudi has produced the first yellow card for diving on Oscar, but should it have been called a penalty?
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 3:46
Three minutes left and the boos ring out from the crowd – Brazil have been really poor, and their fans aren’t shy in letting them know. What a sorry end for them.
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 3:46 AM
People are seriously asking why that wasn’t a penalty? Could it possibly have to do with Robben diving all day long, and the one card for diving was handed out to Oscar, when he deserved a penalty because he was actually tripped No way you reward Robben when you punished Brazil for tripping over a giant leg thrown in front of Oscar.
by DJK 3:45 AM
Now argentina need to win at the maracana to complete this brazilian nightmare
by mk 3:45 AM
Wow……. just wooow… on that Statsie… Confirms the truth about this horrible Brazilian side
by blytzus = Al Saloha 3:44 AM
they called me crazy when i predicted the germany game 5-1… heck brazil even struggled against croatia and cameroun for crying out loud…

Daryl Janmaat plays a ball in from the right flank and Wijnaldum gets on the end, finishing cooly with a right-footed first-time finish past Cesar. The dream is over. 3-0. *exhales*

Jordy Clasie gets stretchered off for the Dutch. Joël Veltman takes his place. That’s two players who’ve left the game on a stretcher. Dirk got staples on the field. Dirk Kuyt is a man of the people.

I’ll say this: the fans are still there, they’re still getting agitated at things, and it seems like they’ll still be happy if Brazil manage to score. Credit to them. Brazil is still pressing forward. Perhaps they’re responding to the crowd, who probably should be at home on a couch not watching this. Also, credit again to Robben. He’s still taking people on and making runs in the box and to the far post. Robben is really an incredible player, despite his antics.


Something makes a Brazilian smile. We should pause to reflect on this. This could be a turning point. In what, I don’t know yet. I’ll keep you posted.

Hulk, a recent entrant into this competition for third place, seems to want all of the ball. He has the urgency of a man who wants to save someone from danger, even though he doesn’t have any tools or superpowers. It’s endearing, but you can’t keep running around and taking the ball from people in better positions. This is a team sport, Hulk.

FIRST YELLOW OF THE WORLD CUP FOR DIVING GOES TO OSCAR! And it’s a nonsense yellow. Daley Blind takes out Oscar in the box, and the ref, who’s right on top of the action, gets the call completely wrong. Should have been a penalty. Blind is carried off, apparently with a hurt knee. Or, it could be sadness for inflicting further pain and suffering on Brazilian


Probably. But I’m pretty sure you’ve done worse in the last week, so I’d worry about that behavior. Everyone needs a hobby. At least yours isn’t murder or extortion. I hope. If it is, please turn yourself in.

Hernanes wilding out there. Someone needs to give him a hug.

Ramires does better this time as he receives the ball near the box. He does a quick pirouette to face goal, takes a touch, and then gets a shot off that goes from the right across the face of goal and past Jasper’s far post. Warmer, Ramires. Warmer.

Hernanes, who recently joined the festivities for Brazil, is trying to kill people. First a little forearm shiver to the back of a Dutch player as he tries to close him down in midfield. And then, seconds after the restart, he tries to remove Robben’s ankle with a tackle that looks worse—as they all do—in slow motion. Calm down, my friend.

Club teams are going mad right about now. Their prized assets are out there with nothing but pride at stake. That can’t make them happy. Van Persie picks up the ball near midfield and takes a few dribbles before getting his legs blown up by Fernandinho. Hopefully, this doesn’t get as ugly on the field as it is on the scoreboard. Fernandinho collects a yellow. He bows, respectfully. Just kidding. He didn’t bow. But that would have been entertaining.


This is blasphemous. But if this is the kind of toilet humor that you find entertaining, I can service you. But this doesn’t make me happy. You should know that.

Robben gets fouled after taking off on a counter. After the restart, he’s back at it, taking off down the left flank. He gets into the box and takes a shot, which is deflected. It falls at the far post to Wijnaldum, whose header almost worries Cesar. It didn’t, though

Ramires takes off down the center of the pitch. As he nears the Dutch box, he takes a laughable touch that goes about a mile in front of him. You can’t comeback and save Brazil with touches like that, Ramires.7/12 17:06


I see what you did, there. Yes, I would. He always chases excellence. Even in diving. I can respect that and would trust him to trim my hedges.

2ND HALF: Brazil 0-2 Netherlands(Van Persie pen 3′, Blind ’16)

Listen to the action LIVE on ESPN Radio!
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 3:03 AM
Bra (4-2-3-1): Julio Cesar; Maicon, Thiago Silva, DavidLuiz, Maxwell; Paulinho, Luis Gustavo; Oscar, Ramires, Willian; Jo.
Ned (5-3-2): Cillessen; Kuyt, De Vrij, Vlaar, Martins Indi, Blind; Clasie, Wijnaldum, De Guzman; Robben, Van Tom Doyle, ESPN FC1:01AM
Poll: Can Brazil make a second-half comeback?

Yes, they have the talent
No, Netherlands are too strong
David Luiz for the winner

by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 2:55 AM
man its too hard for brazil to win
by aisha 3:08 AM
Scolari’s most ridiculous decision is the insistence on playing with a striker when he has NO good strikers to choose from.In this situation you adapt and play a False 9 or convert Hulk into a striker or something.
by taka tiki 3:08 AM
Brazil :(
by Raj 3:08 AM
Oh no David Luiz AGAIN!
by kill21 3:08 AM
Robben drives at goal with ease, but his shot is blocked high up in the air, and Georginio Wijnaldum can only head wide at the back post.
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 3:08 AM
Robben… close for Wijnaldum!
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 3:07 AM
48′ – Better from Brazil as they force a corner, but Robben breaks for Netherlands and forces a free kick.
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 3:07 AM
Should have brought Hernanes on.At least to entertain us with his skills while Holland score another 2 or 3.
by taka tiki 3:06 AM
I sincerely believe Neymar would have made little or no difference in both matches
by Heard 3:06 AM
Mourinho was right… David Luiz is terrible. Certainly not a central defender
by TriniGooner 3:06 AM
Can PSG still made a withdraw al?
by Papa Smurf 3:06 AM
@Johansson and @Nick, I think you two are spot on. I admit I might have bagged on Fred, Jo, and Hulk a lot, but they’re not the reason Brasil were so poor.
by Raul 3:05 AM
Really hope Wenger goes for Khedira or Bender and not Luis Gustavo.Please, please, please.
by taka tiki 3:05 AM
Swapping Fernandinho for Luis Gustavo is like swapping Jo for Fred. What’s the point, and who cares?
by Bashel 3:05 AM
Ok, we have been bad in this WC. But comparing Brazil to England…seriously???
by Jo+Fred 3:05 AM
Brazil has 6 shots (1 in goal though) compared to Holland 4 shots (3 in goals)
by Papa Smurf 3:05 AM
Cheers all for the answers. It’s dangerously delicious.
by Jim 3:05 AM
Neither. There is no winner.
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 3:05 AM
Tom, in your view, who is better Jo or Fred, i had to ask….
by boon 3:05 AM
jim- you gotta go to england. the drinks are the best.
by Euan 3:05 AM
47′ – Brazil start strongly, but Cesar has to be alert to take on Robben in his own box here. A few cheers from the crowd, but not many.
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 3:05 AM
Gustavo hasn’t looked good at all. I like this change. Of course, it would be better if they could bring on a few more Oscars – he’s one standout for Brazil.
by Drewbueno 3:04 AM
Ribena by the boatload…
by Hussam 3:04 AM
Forthose saying it wasn’t a Pen.. im fairly certain we all thought it was a pen in real time. It was a tight for the Ref epecially with Robben’s speed.
by Nonymous 3:04 AM
They also use ginger beer as a mixer.
by Jeff 3:04 AM
Jim, we drink many strange things. Cider, beer and blackcurrant make a ‘snakebite’, which makes a very difficult morning.
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 3:04 AM
Tom – Do people in England really drink Ribena and cider, or was the waitress at Epcot making things up?
by Jim 3:03 AM
@Nick…England to Brazil…Really?
by Mo 3:03 AM
We’re back underway!
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 3:03 AM
Marcelo: ‘If we lose badly, we will do the Ostrich…like this. Look at my hand, guys. Guys?’
Neymar: ‘Don’t listen to him. Now, you know Robben…psstt…remember, he is already on a yellow. Send him off!’
by RMF 3:03 AM
by Jeffrei 3:02 AM
Agreed with Taka tiki….. just like Phil Jones, David Luiz is the jack of all trades. But a master at none.
by Johansson 3:02 AM
pale called it – Ferandinho is on for Luiz Gustavo.
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 3:02 AM
Fernandinho coming.luiz gustavo out
by pale 3:02 AM
SPNFC.comDaley Blind (Netherlands) Goal at 16′
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 3:01 AM
wow comparing england to brazil on past glories? england won it in 1966 brazil in 2002…atleast brazil is recent @nick….
by Anon 3:01 AM
neymar to silva – “shh…dont turn is there..just keep acting like im talking to you..”
by union 3:01 AM
Tragedy with David Luiz is that he isn’t suited to ANY position.People say he would be a good defensive midfielder… I disagree. Being a DM requires just as much discipline and positional awareness as being a center-back. He clearly lacks that.And he can’t be an attacking midfielder because he lacks adequate attacking skills.So he is no good for anything.

by taka tiki 3:01 AM

Easy-peasy for Netherlands so far…

by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 3:01 AM
The entire squad is a travesty not just Luiz
by Marsilio 3:01 AM
Luiz is a travesty!
by raisinghell 2:59 AM
Luiz is like a box of chocolates….
by Drewbueno 2:59 AM
The difference between this generation and previous generation of brazilian NT’s is the lack of futsal experience….. Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos, Rivaldo all played futsal growing up. Forcing you to play, think, decide and act faster. = a much more well-rounded player in an 11v11 squad.
by Johansson 2:59 AM
Brazil much like England are gonna have to accept the fact that the rest of the world is catching up with them in football and quit living on past glories, Germany were in the same boat 10 years ago and look at them now.
by Nick 2:59 AM
Looking and the highlights. That second goal was abominable by Luiz. You teach 10 year olds not to head the ball into the middle of the goal.
by VenomousOne 2:58 AM
Well, then we need to start a movement – I hate getting up at 7 AM local time to watch club matches!
by Jim 2:58 AM
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 2:58 AM
@taka ManU fans should be worried.. he looks jaded….
by Anon 2:58 AM
For those saying Neymar was carrying this team.. he was NOWHERE to be seen against both CHile and Colombia.. Brazil would have been humiliated with or without him
by Fabs 2:58 AM
Raul its a deal.
by Marsilio 2:58 AM
Just saw the replay of the Blind goal, double fail by brazil. 1 Luiz should have parried it to the sides not the middle of the box. 2 A brazil defender should have marked him
by Raul 2:58 AM
Watching the replays for the first goal.Two errors from the referee.First Van Persie was off when the ball was crossed to him and definitely,Robben was pulled back a yard outside the 18.Very poor decisions.
by George James 2:58 AM
Dont really care about this game BECAUSE ALEXIS SANCHEZ IS A GUNNER!!!!!!!
by Paul 2:57 AM
about that blind goal… he took three touches inside the penalty box before he shot… where was the defence/ tracking midfielder… even if luiz was mad enough to not clear it…
by Anon 2:57 AM
On separate note… outside of his penalty RVP has looked terrible again.Are ManU fans worried? Or is this a blip?
by taka tiki 2:57 AM
Looks like Brazil is en-route to another shellacking
Being on on the receiving end of a beat-down from Netherlands
Unless the Selecao stop the shaky defending and woeful attacking
We’ll witness another loss for the host, whose misery never ends
by blytzus = Al Saloha 2:57 AM
Think Holland need one more goal to feel safe.Brazil were a whisker away from a goal on one of their free kicks. 3-0 would put the game to bed.
by taka tiki 2:57 AM
@marsilio I will buy everyone a ferrari in the bootroom if that happens….
by Raul 2:57 AM
Jim, I’m more of a night owl so these late kick-offs suit me!
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 2:57 AM
Tom, how excited are you to return to match start-times more appropriate to your country next month?
by Jim 2:57 AM
how did coutinho not make this squad?
by Euan 2:57 AM
What? It could happen.
by Marsilio 2:57 AM
Scolari will go.
by raisinghell 2:57 AM
It should be noted that Danny Blind watched son Daley score that goal from the dugout – he’s one of Louis van Gaal’s backroom staff. A proud moment for him.
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 2:57 AM
Marsilio, come on now…
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 2:56 AM
Tom you should have said Fred for a hattrick in the poll
by Marsilio 2:56 AM
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 2:55 AM
i think its safe to say scolari will resign after this (or forced to).. can i suggest hodgson… :D
by Anon 2:55 AM
Poll: Should Thiago Silva have been sent off?

Yes, a clear red
No, it was soft

by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 2:54 AM
Good call, Papa!
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 2:54 AM
Tom, what about a poll to see if Brazil can make a comeback at 2nd half?
by Papa Smurf 2:54 AM
Robben doesn’t utilize his talents to “make plays”?So… all of those ridiculous goals he scores every season, all the assists. Those aren’t plays?Defenders are lucky that Robben doesn’t fall MORE often than he does. He is constantly getting fouled and tripped because he is faster than 99% of his opponents but half the time he prefers to keep going. He falls when he feels it’s in his team’s best interest.World class footballer and world class decision-maker. The end.
by taka tiki 2:54 AM
Brazil is having torrid time but shows the players they have
by EG 2:54 AM
Evening blytzus!
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 2:51 AM
Hello Tom and Bootroom. Sorry, I left the Argentina v Netherlands game prematurely without so much as a cheers. Was at a different venue and was Happy about the win to say the least!
Looks like Brazil are en-route to be on the receiving end of another shellacking if they don’t shift gears…
by blytzus = Al Saloha 2:51 AM
I know George. I’ve been saying it forever, he’s absolutely brilliant, but he doesn’t utilize his talents to make plays, he uses them to fake contact and get FK’s/Penalties. I’d have so much respect for him if he was more like Messi, choosing to fight through contact and out maneuver people rather than to look for diving chances.
by DJK 2:51 AM
Neymar really was carrying the whole squad
by Kamau 2:51 AM
Why not Hulk as forward?
by Ranme 2:51 AM
surely im more fit than maicon…dude looks lacking in health
by union 2:51 AM
It may be too simplistic, but I think these matches are telling us that cool dribbling skills practiced by every player is no good. Samba in the front needs to be backed up by some serious non-samba defensive skills.
by BostonArsenalFan 2:51 AM
I don’t understand why this is only 2-0. Dutch have dominated the game and Brazil practically never appeared. Are the Dutch taking pity on the hosts now?
by [ ] 2:51 AM
A disappointing half from Oranje…they would not have beaten Germany. Heh!
by RMF 2:51 AM
Karma that Silva stayed on. De Jong should have been off last year. Netherlands had it coming.
by Drewbueno 2:50 AM
In defense of Brazil, the Brazilian league is a shell of its former self and doesn’t have the talent it did 20 years ago. Most of the good talent goes over to Europe at 18 and sits for a couple years in academies instead of playing every day in the Brazilian League gaining match experience.
by Nick 2:50 AM
This also shows that excessive emotion and passion are not worth anything.Brazil was screaming during the national anthem, crying, praying, hoisting Neymar’s shirts, hugging and cradling each other, flying the flag… and what?All that emotion hurts as much as it helps IMO.
by taka tiki 2:50 AM
Alves just made a bad hair dye decision.
by Drewbueno 2:50 AM
They should replace the lion head david with Hulk, more effective Tom
by Papa Smurf 2:50 AM
Anon, he’s probably having a nice night in without World Cup ridiculousness alongside General Zod.
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 2:50 AM
where is mr.iain tom? if he were here… he would struggle for 750 words today as well….
by Anon 2:50 AM
The most overlooked weakness in the Brazilian team is their midfield. They have 4 nearly identical players in Luis Gustavo, Paulinho, Fernandinho, and Ramires. 4 athletic players, capable of stamina and simple passes, but utterly lacking in any creative or penetrating distribution, overly aggressive and foul-prone in the tackle, and while well-known names, not technically gifted players.
by Bashel 2:50 AM
Maicon’s never been the same after the “Taxi for Maicon” night where Bale destroyed him.
by Drewbueno 2:50 AM
Scary to imagine how fast robben was when he was “young”
by azeus 2:50 AM
Eskimo, if only!
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 2:49 AM
Sub: Roberto Carlos coming in.
by Eskimo 2:49 AM
Is this a coaching or player problem?
by EG 2:49 AM
Johansson – the rules state that if a foul is committed outside the box but continues into the box, the referee can award a penalty.
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 2:49 AM
hey JUST saw the penalty replay (missed first 8 minutes or so)….. Robben was fouled about a yard outside the box, wth?
by Johansson 2:49 AM
because kuyt can then run a little more and go back and pass it forward
by kanishk 2:49 AM
2:49 AM
Pablo S. Torre @PabloTorre
2:49 AM
John Brewin @JohnBrewinESPN
Brazil’s full-backs: Rubbish.
Robben again showing that speed. Never stops being impressive, doesn’t hurt that he looks 50 years old while doing it.
by DJK 2:48 AM
why do the Dutch like to pass the bal back…especially Kuyt?
by Banjberry 2:48 AM
Brazil has a bunch of midfielders who can run a lot but nothing else (Ramires, Fernandinho, Luis Gustavo, Paulinho), no strikers, a defender who can’t defend (David Luiz), and a manager who thinks highly of himself but looks out of ideas.Only Thiago Silva, Neymar, and Oscar are worth anything.The rest… no better than what you would find on England or Portugal’s teams.
by taka tiki 2:48 AM
The crowd boo off Brazil, and rightly so – they’ve been terrible once again.
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 2:47 AM
HALF-TIME; Brazil 0-2 Netherlands
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 2:47 AM
@Brown Dog – you really didn’t have to include the word “boring”. (Sorry Tom)
by Jim 2:47 AM
This game shows 7-1 was no fluke, Germany would have been 4,5 up again if they played today
by Haik 2:47 AM
Well, it could be worse for Brazil. And very recently has been.
by Jeff M. 2:46 AM
WOW that was a run to keep the ball in by Robben,
by Kamau 2:46 AM
Gustavo’s at Wolfsburg. Word that Monaco may buy him.
by Mike 2:46 AM
46′ – Jordy Clasie delivers a lovely ball from the left wing, but nobody – not even a lunging David Luiz – can make contact.
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 2:46 AM

is another heart ache for the football loving nation!

by raisinghell 2:45 AM
hasnt luiz guatvo left bayern last season… he went to Hamburg or something correct?
by Anon 2:45 AM
@anon. Hiddink was installed as coach in waiting before the WC even began. Hell be joined by RVN
by azeus 2:45 AM
@Paul you forgot Willian
by Kamau 2:45 AM
Two minutes of injury time now…
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 2:45 AM
Brazil will be fighting history in a big way if they go into the half scoreless… Entering today, no team in WC history has ever won after trailing by 2+ goals at halftime (0-120-5).
by ESPN Stats & Info 2:45 AM
@csounders, exactly! Thats what I thought when people were saying Brazil were too “European”. That doesn’t make sense if they were passable vs South American teams, but not against a European one.
by Raul 2:45 AM
David Luiz time! …no
by Eskimo 2:45 AM
It’s weird to watch Brazil without any trickery or ideas. It’s like watching a boring English team.
by Brown Dog 2:45 AM
My theory why Chile and Colombia couldnt explore Brazil’s defensive problems is that both Chile and Colombia respected too much and didnt have the courage to go all attack..Brazil had a collapse in the 2nd half against Chile and could barely touch the ball. but Chile were happy passing the ballon their defensive side
by Fabs 2:45 AM
Oscar’s free kick hits the wall, and Maxwell’s rebound volley flies well over. Poor, poor, poor.
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 2:44 AM
Ramirez getting a taste of his own medicine
by judge 2:44 AM
David Luiz – why is he even on the field?
by raisinghell 2:44 AM
@Jim He wiped Ramires out
by Mo 2:44 AM
Boston, it’s a sorry state of affairs – but Luiz may well launch this into the net…
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 2:44 AM
Tom, was away from the match (and Boot Room) for a bit – what the devil is going on? This Brazil team looks like Honduras, just intent on hurting people and utterly lacking skill or game…
by BostonArsenalFan 2:43 AM
that was a nasty challenge on ramires
by Anon 2:43 AM
Coutinho couldn’t help this team? Eh, he’ll be rested for season
by CJ 2:43 AM
I think a lot of it was inflated expectations, the Brazil team is just not very good.Julio Cesar – past it
Marcelo – very good left back, but too attacking
Thiago Silva – excellent
David Luiz – no explanation
Dani Alves – same as Marcelo
Luiz Gustavo – could’t make the team at Bayern
Paulinho – dreadful season at Spurs
Oscar – out of favor with Mourinho
Neymar – very good player, but very overrated due to all the hype (not his fault)
Hulk – only real attributes are his size and strength
Fred – Fred
by Paul 2:43 AM
PSG got themselves a 50 million striker….just not a good one
by Nosh 2:43 AM
Dear Ramieres, the whistle blew, you can get up now.
by Jim 2:43 AM
should be at least a yellow for vlaar there
by Bob The Builder 2:43 AM
Horror tackle from Vlaar.
by George James 2:43 AM
No card for that?
by Mo 2:43 AM
42′ – Ramires gets chopped down outside the area now as Ron Vlaar kicks him as if he were playing a pass – play goes on but the ref brings it back for the set piece.
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 2:43 AM
pale.. thats the definiton of NOT instilling fear in oppositon team (that line-up of names)
by Anon 2:42 AM
Why was Brazil’s defense passable against Chile and Colombia but awful against European teams?
by cssounders 2:42 AM
Kuyt gets his head split open, no card and fans boo that he went down. Brazil 2014 ladies and gentlemen!!
by CJ 2:42 AM
so hiddink is confirmed as the next dutch coach? when did that happen>
by Anon 2:42 AM
Bad pass from Luiz maybe he wants to be on the other team
by Kamau 2:41 AM
Time to watch some old Pele highlights.
by Malahat Joe 2:41 AM
41′ – RVP launches a free volley from 20 yards at Cesar – he’ll be disappointed he didn’t truly test the Brazil keeper.
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 2:41 AM
azeus, their future does look bright, but they’ll have to make a good transition.
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 2:41 AM
Tom what do you think lies in the future for the dutch? hiddink is a really good coach and they’ll probably be competitive in France ’16. But are there any exciting young players beyond that?
by azeus 2:40 AM
Well red for that elbow wouldn’t be too unfair in my opinion…
by Yan 2:40 AM
Mediocre options are endless for brazil’s #9…. all of which could have been solved had scolari called up Diego Costa for more than 2 meaningless friendlies.
by Johansson 2:40 AM
i dont know if neymar should be happy he hasnt played these last 2 games or if he should be mad
by Bob The Builder 2:40 AM
Solution for Brazil is play Luiz as a CF, they are less likely to concede that way
by Kamau 2:40 AM
Lima from Benfica or Raffael from Gladbach?
by Paul 2:40 AM
That has to be a card, he intentionally went elbow to the head.
by andy 2:39 AM
Mike, it looks like he’s getting stitched up now.
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 2:39 AM
Lots of blood there. Is he getting staples?
by Mike 2:39 AM
Someone just needs to do the Truffle Shuffle in front of Kuyt and he’ll feel a million times better.
by Jim 2:39 AM
Dirk Kuyt is unhappy – he needs treatment after getting an elbow in the head from Maxwell following an aerial challenge. A nasty jump, there.
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 2:38 AM
Other worst options are.pato.robinho.luis fabiano.damiao and chubby adriano.wagner love.
by pale 2:38 AM
What about Pato? Alexadre Pato?
by Kamau 2:38 AM
@George James- That’s not fair to the sack of potatoes!
by Rugger 2:38 AM
how luiz missed that
by badri 2:38 AM
Open Goal. Luiz!
by Nonymous 2:38 AM
So, so close to a goal as Luiz Gustavo flicks it on at the near post, and the ball evades both Paulino and Luiz at the back post!
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 2:38 AM
Oh David Luiz!
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 2:37 AM
Another free kick out wide to Brazil, this one a soft foul on Oscar.
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 2:37 AM
They should’ve taken Lucas
by Bob 2:37 AM
In an incredible turn of events, Robben attempts to cut in to the left, but goes to ground!
by Jim 2:36 AM
Robben might be a brilliant player.But it is becoming boring watching the way he flops like a sack of potatoes.
by George James 2:36 AM
Note to self: check how Winaldum clears the dangerous balls in the box.
by David Luiz 2:36 AM
at least jo managed a cross….compared to fred
by boon 2:36 AM
this game gives more perspective to tomorrows game. brazil have just been poor.
by poor brazil 2:36 AM
The first card ref got right tonight! awesome job ref…
by Yan 2:36 AM
This is the first time Brazil has allowed multiple goals in back-to-back WC matches since 1970 (3-2 win vs Romania and 4-2 win against Peru).
by ESPN Stats & Info 2:36 AM
35′ – finally another booking as Jonathan de Guzman trips Oscar from behind. Nailed-on caution, that.
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 2:36 AM
What about Leandro Damiao? Or Jonas from Valencia? Lima maybe?
by Udyat 2:35 AM
Oscars freekicks are really on point. really dangerous.
by Yan 2:35 AM
the runs brazil’s fullbacks make are insane. they make no sense and leave gaping holes behind
by poor brazil 2:35 AM
Is Wagner Love still around, even he must be a better option than Jo or Fred.
by Nick 2:35 AM
@Anon — I’m sure David Luiz would love to play forward, he’s been trying to all tournament.
by Thom 2:35 AM
You know something’s not quite right when Ron Vlaar leads a counter… Like what he just did.
by [ ] 2:35 AM
34′ – Jo is out wide and crosses to the back post, but it’s absolutely rubbish. High and out for a goal kick. Just rubbish.
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 2:35 AM
I feel bad for Julio Cesar. I don’t think any of the last 9 goals have been his fault
by Alex 2:34 AM
think luiz will score today
by badri 2:34 AM
wow…Luiz is really bad…where was he?
by Mo 2:34 AM
Oh dear, Ron Vlaar wastes the cross! Yet another example of David Luiz chasing around up top, and then Brazil getting caught out on the break.
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 2:34 AM
Five on three for the Dutch!
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 2:34 AM
Oscar swings the free kick to the back post and Georginio Wijnaldum does really well to head it out for a corner.
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 2:34 AM
Close for Brazil!
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 2:33 AM
Anon, that’s about it. I can’t really think of other options.
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 2:33 AM
Brazil has allowed 13 goals in this World Cup, most in its history and most by any team since 1986. They allowed 10 in the previous 3 World Cups combined.
by ESPN Stats & Info 2:33 AM
hypothetical question tom.. if fred/ jo were injured before the squad had been submitted. who else could scolari had gone for? i can only think of pato… anyone else? costa doesnt count
by Anon 2:33 AM
Brazil playing the kick and rush…
by pale 2:33 AM
Hear those cheers on the Brazil half-break
by Rugger 2:33 AM
Really? Oscar looked fine until his right foot clipped his left foot. How dare those Dutch playing Jedi mind tricks
by CJ 2:33 AM
Brazil break, and Maicon wins a free kick from Georginio Wijnaldum on the edge of the box – the Dutch midfielder is somehow not booked.
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 2:33 AM
31′ – Free kick to Netherlands as Maxwell fouls Robben on the flank… but after a couple of half-clearances, Van Persie’s cross from the left is collected by Cesar.
by Tom Doyle, ESPN FC 2:32 AM
Indi Martins very clearly clips Oscar’s trailing leg, breaking his stride and causes him to fall. That’s a foul. Not sure why people always miss the early contact and only see the player tripping himself.
by Bashel 2:31 AM
Hard to have spirit on the back of a 7-1 mauling
by azeus 2:31 AM
Brazil playing longball is just absurd.
by Jeff 2:31 AM
Fred was the worst?…. what about Iker, Cristiano, Ramos, David Luiz even
by Johansson 2:31 AM
Might as well park the bus from the beginning, maybe stand a chance there
by Papa Smurf 2:31 AM
yeah, clipped his foiot just as he was stepping past the other foot, like when you were a kid and you’d walk behind a friend and kick his leg to the side so he tripped over himself
by DJK 2:31 AM
Just how much are they missing Neymar? All they are doing is pumping balls up, hoping for something to happen. The only defense that this would work against is Brazil’s itself
by Udyat 2:31 AM
Luiz to PSG for 50 million is going to surpass, Torres to Chelsea and Andy Carroll to Liverpool as the the biggest transfer flops of all time.

Rugger, deserved – Brazil have been so shaky in defence, even with Thiago Silva in there.

Deserved scoreline Tom or did the early penalty dampen Brazil’s spirit?

Indi did not even touch him. This ref is having himself a howler…

Why is de Guzman so wide open at the top of the box???

Rugger – Somehow, you seem surprised…?

Brazil is playing better than they did on Tuesday.

Luiz hasn’t had a shocker TOURNAMENT, just the last two games

29′ Jonathan de Guzman Guzman finds space outside the box, but lofts his volley over the bar. A lucky escape for Brazil there, who have to tighten up defensively.

I miss the first 25 minutes and already Brazil are down 2-0!!

When Daley Blind is scoring, you’ve got problems.

Netherlands look sloppy but it will be cool if they score another
Yes…Luiz would make a good box to box midfielder
Dani Alves is basically a winger but is still a better defender nowdays than Maicon… And i’ve always thought that Alves can’t defend at all
Luiz for 50mil, Mourinho is a genius
This is a joke of a brazil team right now
Holland 7-1 is 275-1 on a betting site I checked. I could see it happening.

We are all witnessing a preview of what PSG will look like in the CL versus quality clubs.

Do you think PSG are worried that 3 of their defenders are not doing so well
if luiz wants to ‘hair’ up the the field.. put him up in midfield and put dante at centreback.. surely that cant be bad….

I really hope for Chelsea’s sake the PSG check for Luiz has cleared the bank by now

Faisal, stay and enjoy the horror!
If they want Oscar to be effective, they should really bring on Snuffleupagus.

Tom, what was your prediction for today match?

Brazil vs. Netherlands: World Cup Live Updates




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