USA TODAY and TODAY show have joined forces again to figure out America’s top picks around the greatest popular society occasions of the year!

In this version of Take Your Pick, we are asking our gatherings of people to anticipate which Emmy candidates will walk away the huge victors of the night on Aug. 25.

TODAY show has Natalie Morales, Al Roker, Willie Geist and Tamron Hall make a case with their candidate picks:


Best dramatization: Breaking Bad

“Should be remunerated for best consummation ever – period – to a hit show.”

Best drama: Orange is the New Black

“The most discussed arrangement conveys drama and show with such mind boggling profundity of characters and differences. The written work is radiant, the acting unprecedented.”

Best performer, dramatization: Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad

“He, in the same way as his character, Walter White, should exit with an extravagant flair with an Emmy.”

Best performer, dramatization: Robin Wright, House of Cards

“Season two of House of Cards uncovered considerably all the more about the complexities of Claire and Frank Underwood’s relationship. Robin Wright conveys such a solid yet to a degree powerless execution. Adore her in anything.”

Best performing artist, parody: Don Cheadle, House of Lies

“Cheadle is so wound and distorted as Marty Kaan. He makes administration specialists look great.”

Best performing artist, parody: Taylor Schilling, Orange is the New Black

“Any individual who can look great in that regurgitation hued jail suit and make us chuckle and yell merits this Emmy. Taylor has me snared.”


Best show: House of Cards

“This show in its second season still conveys extraordinary written work, acting and its impart of amazements and turns.”

Best comic drama: Orange is the New Black

“A sophomore season that increase from where it cleared out off. Include the buzz and I think it makes for capturing TV.”

Best performer, dramatization: Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad

“Walter White goes out on his terms. The outcome of a standout amongst the most spellbinding characters merits this last bow.”

Best performer, dramatization: Robin Wright, House of Cards

“Not since Lady Macbeth has there been a force behind the throne who is colder, more harmed and a greater number of perilous than Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood.”

Best performer, comic drama: Louis C.k., Louie

“This is the best high wire demonstration of the wince commendable circumstances and identity defects since Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

Best performer, comic drama: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep

“As dependably, Julia Louis-Dreyfus conveys parody gold.”


Best drama:true Detective

“Woody, Matthew, and The Yellow King win in a severe gathering.”

Best parody: Orange Is The New Black

“The Emmys create an impression about Netflix, and around an incredible show.”

Best performing artist, dramatization: Matthew Mcconaughey, True Detective

“The Mcconaissance is finished with a win here.”

Best performing artist, dramatization: Robin Wright, House of Cards

“She’s stunning on House of Cards, and the shrewdness truly turned out in Season 2.”

Best performing artist, drama: Ricky Gervais, Derek

“An entertaining, sweet, convoluted character for Gervais.”

Best performing artist, drama: Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation

“This is outright me establishing for Amy before the show’s last season.”


Best dramatization: Game of Thrones

“This season demonstrates once more why we could all take in something from the show. Exclude nobody.”

Best parody: Orange is New Black

“I need to be closest companions with the whole thrown. Just issue is, I would be bolted up, as well. Perhaps its worth the trouble. Wrongdoing and discipline has never been this great.”

Best on-screen character, dramatization: Woody Harrelson, True Detective

“The show is a scary wad of brilliant acting. It’s an extreme classification, yet I am with Woody.”

Best performer, show: Kerry Washington, Scandal

“Olivia Pope is currently a verb, descriptive word and whatever else might be available you can consider in light of the fact that Kerry possesses this character, from the serious vitality to the spectacular layers.”

Best performer, parody: Matt Leblanc, Episodes

“He’s discovered a home far from system TV. I adore the flexibility this show and character have provided for him.”

Best performing artist, comic drama: Julia Louis Dreyfus, Veep

“She was so clever this season! I was on a plane giggling so uproarious I am sure an air marshal was called