Cameroon’s leader has said that 27 prisoners, including 10 Chinese specialists, held by suspected Boko Haram activists have been discharged.

Likewise liberated was the wife of Cameroon’s Vice-Prime Minister Amadou Ali.

President Paul Biya said that the prisoners, seized in May and July near the Nigeria fringe, were protected.

Boko Haram is trying to secure an Islamist state in Nigeria yet its contenders frequently cross the long and permeable fringe with Cameroon.

Numerous Nigerian regular people in bordertowns have fled to Cameroon to escape Boko Haram assaults, which have been ventures up lately.

In July, Cameroon, Nigeria, Chad and Niger consented to structure a 2,800-in number territorial power to handle Boko Haram activists.

Cameroon has strengthened its troops in its northern locales.

Young ladies’ kidnapping

President Biya said in an announcement on state radio: “The 27 prisoners abducted on May 16, 2014, at Waza and on July 27, 2014, at Kolofata were given this night to Cameroonian powers.

“Ten Chinese, the wife of the Vice Prime Minister Amadou Ali, the Lamido (a neighborhood religious pioneer) of Kolofata, and the parts of their families hijacked with them are protected.”

No subtle elements were given on the circumstances of the discharge or whether a payment was paid.

In July, Cameroon said Mr Ali’s wife and house keeper were kidnapped in “a savage assault” on his home in Kolofata by Boko Haram aggressors.

Mr Ali figured out how to escape to a neighboring town.

Endeavors to venture up local co-operation picked up force after Boko Haram created a worldwide objection by kidnapping more than 200 young ladies from a live-in school in north-eastern Nigeria.

The young ladies are thought to be held in the unlimited Sambisa woods, along Nigeria’s outskirt with Cameroon.