Catalonia vote: 80% back freedom – authorities

A casual vote on freedom for Catalonia has indicated more than 80% in support, authorities say.

The non-tying vote proceeded after Spain’s protected court discounted holding a formal choice in the independent north-eastern locale.

More than two million individuals out of an expected 5.4 million qualified voters tuned in the ticket.

Catalan pioneer Artur Mas hailed the survey “an extraordinary achievement” that ought to make ready for a formal submission.

“We have earned the right to a submission,” he told cheering supporters.

“By and by Catalonia has demonstrated that it needs to administer itself.”

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The BBC’s Patrick Jackson reports from a surveying station in Catalonia

He included: “I ask the individuals on the planet, I ask the media and I additionally ask the fair governments on the planet to help the Catalan individuals choose its political future.”

The tally was held despite furious resistance from the Spanish government.

Spanish Justice Minister Rafael Catala released the activity as “a sterile and pointless sham” that just served to compound the divisions in the middle of Catalans and uplift political strains.

He blamed Artur Mas for pushing ahead with the 9 November vote to “conceal his disappointment” in holding a fitting choice.

“The legislature considers this to be a day of political publicity composed by star freedom powers and without any sort of vote based legitimacy,” he said in an announcement.

Spanish restriction Socialist pioneer Pedro Sanchez was more placating. He said 10 November ought to messenger another period, when Catalonia was not outside Spain however “at the vanguard of progress” that would prompt a government Spain.

Catalonia’s provincial president Artur Mas goes to a news meeting. 9 Nov 2014 Catalonia’s provincial president Artur Mas says an authority choice is required

Voters were posed two questions – whether they needed Catalonia to be a state and whether they needed that state to be autonomous.

Authorities said 2,236, 806 individuals had participated in the “counsel of residents” and that with very nearly all votes tallied, 80.72% had addressed yes to both inquiries.

A little more than 10% voted yes for the first question and no for the second, he said, and around 4.5% voted no to both inquiries.

Conclusion surveys recommend that upwards of 80% of Catalans need an authority choice on the issue of Catalonia’s status, with around half for full freedom.

Catalan activists wave a cardboard polling booth at a rally in Barcelona. 9 Nov 2014 Catalan ace freedom activists waved a cardboard polling booth at a rally in Barcelona

Spanish unionist gatherings contend that in light of the fact that the poll was sorted out by grassroots professional freedom bunches it can’t truly reflect the wishes of the locale.

More than 40,000 volunteers served to set up and run the casual activity.

Santa Clause Coloma: Divided group

Catalonia’s fantasy of freedom from Spain impacts some cruel substances in the city of Santa Coloma, a residence town on the northern edge of Barcelona.

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Catalonia vote: The leader who restricts freedom

Santa Clause Coloma’s lively youthful leader Nuria Parlon is solidly restricted to freedom. Freedom, she contends, is a “placebo” which would not tackle Catalonia’s hidden issues.

Catalonia’s mystery voting booths

The Catalan National Assembly weight gathering gathered marks at surveying stations on an appeal to be sent to the UN and the European Commission requesting help to persuade Spain to permit an authority choice.

Patriotism in Catalonia has been fuelled by monetary and social grievances. The rich district of 7.5 million individuals helps more to the Spanish economy than it gets over through focal government reserves.

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Previous Barcelona mentor Pep Guardiola was among those making their choice

The Libres e Iguales (Free and Equal) bunch, which restricts the vote, held dissents in many urban communities.

One challenge in Barcelona saw minor fights yet no captures.

Different revitalizes for the vote were additionally held.




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