China’s military upstaged the Asian financial summit in Beijing this week by leading flights tests of another stealth plane model, as the White House approached Beijing to end its digital assaults.

Show flights by the new J-31 contender plane – China’s second new radar-sidestepping warplane – were a key gimmick at a real arms indicate in Zhuhai, found close Macau, on Monday.

The J-31 flights matched with President Obama’s visit to Beijing for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit meeting. In a discourse and gatherings with Chinese pioneers, Obama approached China to diminish digital burglary of competitive innovations.

China acquired mysteries from the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter through digital assaults against a subcontractor for Lockheed Martin. The innovation has appeared in China’s first stealth fly, the J-20, and in the J-31. Both of the planes’ configuration peculiarities and gear are like those of the F-35.

The Chinese warplanes are a piece of a significant development of air power by China that incorporates the two new stealth contenders, improvement of another vital aerial attacker, buy of Russian Su-35 planes, and advancement of cutting edge air protection rocket frameworks. China likewise is developing its routine and atomic rocket strengths.

In the interim, White House Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes told journalists in Beijing Tuesday that the president would press China’s pioneer Xi Jinping to check Chinese digital reconnaissance.

“Cybersecurity, obviously, will be a critical center for the president, provided for some of our worries identified with cybersecurity and the burglary of protected innovation,” Rhodes said ahead of time of Obama’s gathering Tuesday with Xi.