Colombia’s hunt for elusive drug lord Otoniel

Colombia's hunt for elusive drug lord Otoniel

Widescreen TV sets hooked up to satellite dishes, expensive drinks and perfumes – these are just some of the luxury items Colombian police have found in huts in the otherwise poor rural area of Uraba, in western Colombia.

The huts, and the luxury items inside, belong to Dairo Antonio Usuga David, better known as Otoniel, one of the most wanted men in Colombia.
Currently some 1,200 members of the security forces are chasing the elusive gang leader.
That is more than double the 500 who hunted Pablo Escobar, the drug lord who controlled the infamous cocaine cartel of the same name.

Crime syndicate

Otoniel runs the Usuga clan, a drug gang that has its powerbase in the Uraba region of Colombia, but whose network extends across the country and beyond.

Otoniel has been eluding police capture

Members of the gang have been arrested as far away as Argentina, Brazil, Honduras, Peru and Spain.
The US Department of State describes it as a “heavily armed, extremely violent criminal organisation”.
It is offering up to $5m (£3.4m) for information leading to Otoniel’s arrest.
Otoniel has been in charge since his brother, Juan de Dios, was killed on 1 January 2012 when police raided his New Year’s Eve party.




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