The coolest beds you will ever sleep in

The coolest beds you will ever sleep in

Some of don’t give much thought to where we rest our head at night. After all, our eyes are closed when we’re asleep.

But what if you could fall asleep on a pirate ship? What about a fairy princess castle?

These extreme beds are wacky, super cool, and very unique. We’re not sure if all of them are actually comfortable, but who wouldn’t want to curl up in one of these at the end of a long day?

1. Jaws Shark Bed

Joseph Reginella

This baby may have no idea that he’s about to be swallowed whole but this bed is one of the most awesome cribs we’ve ever seen. Joseph Reginella, a New York based toy designed and sculptor, initially built this bed for his nephew. He decided to have fun with the idea after learning they were having a boy. Sure it may be terrifying but the baby reportedly loved it.




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