Copa America 2015: How ‘The Rock’ blunted Neymar

Copa America 2015 How The Rock blunted Neymar

When it comes to Colombia, Brazilian forward Neymar isn’t having much luck.

During the 2014 World Cup, the Barcelona star fractured his vertebra after he was kneed in the back during a collision with a Colombian player in the quarterfinals, ruling him out of the rest of the tournament.

Fast forward to the Copa America and it was Colombia’s midfield enforcer Carlos Sanchez — nicknamed “The Rock” like Dwayne Johnson’s wrestling character — who blunted the skillful Neymar during Brazil’s 1-0 defeat by their South American rivals.

But it got it even worse — as Neymar hit rock bottom and was sent off after kicking a ball at an opponent after the referee’s whistle had gone before appearing to launch an attempted headbutt at an opponent.

Sanchez, who plays his football with Aston Villa in England won all the plaudits, though he thankfully refrained from dropping the famous “People’s Elbow.”

But his performance went down a storm on social media with users lining up to heap praise on the Colombian.




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