Easy way to make money online by small investment!

Domain parking takes almost no effort and pays well so why work hard to earn money? It’s your choice: You can work on a domain to generate an income or not work on a domain and still you can generate an income. It’s a hard choice!

One of the methods of earning money in domain parking is domaining. It comparatively takes a little work compared with developing a website or selling domains, still it can provide a good income. The income scale is incredibly well, allow you to profit from thousands of domains, whereas originally no one could develop that many domains. Although, many newcomers have a lot of misconceptions about domain parking. This article helps you cover some of the basics of domain parking.


What is domain parking?

Domain parking is very easy, you just have to do is let a parking company display ads on your domain. Normally the parking company has a contract with Google or Yahoo! to use their ad feeds. Google or Yahoo pays the advertiser if a visitor to your domain clicks on an ad. Google or Yahoo! Pay a share of the revenue to the company that parks, which pays some revenue to you

How Do I Park My Domains?

First you buy or register a domain, after that you register your domain with a parking company and it will be a good idea if you register with some parking companies. The parking company that you registered with will tell you how to use their services. Usually, this is through changing your servers. Options will be given by the parking company to target the ads that appear on your domain, for example, by setting keywords for the ads.

“How can we Increase Traffic?

To Increase traffic to your domain is little tricky. Normally, the parking company doesn’t allow domain owners to do anything that would increase traffic to your domain. Advertising, link building etc these methods of sending traffic to a parked page is against the terms of services of all parking companies. The reason behind this is Google and Yahoo is trying to get their ads in places where domain owners don’t already control traffic.

Parking is for those domains that have pre-existing traffic. This normally means generic dot com and generic typos, and domains that were once websites.

Owning domains that get natural traffic is the key to success in making money from parking. There is, well nothing without the traffic. Parking is about monetizing pre-existing traffic. To make money from it, what you need is to research buying domains that already have traffic by using various tools like Alexa, Google external tool, etc.

Tip: There is no sense in parking it, if a domain doesn’t get any traffic. In fact, I would generally tell you against it, cause parking a domain increases the chances of a UDRP happening if the wrong ads appear on your domain

“What parking companies are there?”

There are a lot of options available for you to park your domains. Domain parking is a very competitive industry and you have to choose the best one. Here is a list of the main parking companies (in no particular order):

1. Parked.

2. TrafficZ.

3. HitFarm.

4. Sedo.

5. NameDrive.

6. DomainSponsor.

7. Fabulous.

8. DomainSpa.

9. 19 Parking.

10. WhyPark.

11. Active Audience.

12. SmartName.

13. Bodis.

14. Skenzo.

15. Domain Embarking.

16. Sendori.

17. DotZup.

18. Revenue Direct.

19. GoDaddy.

20. ParkQuick.

21. GoldKey.

22. Park Logic.

23. iMonetize.

24. Parking Panel.

25. Parking Dots.

“How do you choose a parking company?”

There is a big list above you can start from any of them but the best way to do this is through trial and error. For the newcomers start slow with few domains, Sedo may be the place you can start parking. Park there the domain for a few weeks to get a baseline. Then, you can play with keywords and altering layouts to see if you can increase revenue. After that, you can move your domains to other parking companies to compare your performance.

Different parking companies have different strengths. For example, NameDrive does well for my .UK domains. Sedo pays well on adult domains.

“How Do You Increase Parking Revenue?”

Look at keyword lists to find out what keywords pay best in your domain’s niche. Try different keywords to see if that makes a difference.

As well, each parking company also offers different layouts for your parked pages – different ones work best for different criteria’s. Test them out and see what works best for your domain.

Also, move your domains to another parking company. Some parking companies perform better in some categories.

Finally, if you earn enough amount of money from parking, then you can ask for a larger revenue share from your parking company.

“Is parking revenue declining?”

A lot of people seem to think that parking revenues are declining because the parking companies are becoming greedier. While everyone wants to earn, even me, I think that the parking industry is far too competitive for this to happen. People can — and do — switch parking companies all the time. There are too many alternatives available for any parking company to start getting too greedy.

Google and Yahoo are the factors of revenue downturn, such as! Paying smaller amount to the parking companies, bad economy, and the fact those advertisers can now opt out of advertising on parked pages

“Is Domain Parking Evil?”

There is a lot of commentary in the blogosphere about domain parking and domainer being evil, useless and lowlife’s .Even many domainers claim that parked domains are useless and public does not like them.

I developed a website and my site get 5 to 10% click through rate on the ads and my parked pages get a 50% plus click through rate. It seems to me that people are finding what they looking for on parked pages.

The fact of the matter is – the traffic is already coming to the parked pages. You can show nothing to your visitors, it’s your choice, or parking the domain and giving your visitors what they are looking for. I don’t see any evil on that.

A parked page provides more choice to the customers – they can choose from several companies offering what they want, versus just one company if a website were there.

In real life people pay good money for publications like Autotrader, which are not much more than a number of ads. You think Autotrader evil? I certainly never heard anyone claimed it. Its just a jealousy to me who is Claiming that, more than anything else.

“What is the future of domain Parker?”

It is hard to predict the future, and any statements would be speculative. Everyday everything is changing and when the changes do occur, they will happen fast. . A prominent domainer with a knack for predicting the future is rumored to have said: “Personally I would expect Google to pull the plug on the domain channel in its current form and I would expect that to happen at any time.”

I think that the key to being successful with domain parking is to choose domains that have the largest amounts of type in traffic and as well can buy the domains for a good price. . The fact of the matter is that regardless of what happens to domain parking, your aimed traffic will still remain there. That traffic remains valuable and won’t go to waste – new ways will come up to monetize it



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