California Rep. Eric Swalwell, a university graduate from Maryland, announced on Monday that he is joined by a platform for weapons control, the ever-growing field of Democratic presidential candidates. Swalwell is only 38 years old, but in its fourth term he’s already in the United States. House of Representatives has voted on a number of gun ownership and regulatory actions. So that the man in Maryland called “Bahama Bob” is preparing to challenge an already large range of candidates, we look back on how he voted on the matter.

2014: Ban D.C. 2014. By promulgating some firearms laws.

The then-Republican controlled House looked at Swalwell’s early career to prevent the city government by prohibiting officials from using federally appropriated funds from putting into practice some of the firearms laws. A largely Republican-led group aimed at limiting its capacity to comply with three legislation passed by city governments dating back to 2008 by amending the appropriations bill that financed various federal agencies such as the Department of Treasury and the IRS. The amendment was ultimately adopted by the House with strong support by the Republicans, sponsored by Kentuky Republican Rep. Thomas Massie, although some Democrats, such as California Rep. John Garamendi, were with their Republican colleagues. According to the voting count for the amendment of, Swalwell voted’ no’ to the amendment and set the tone for the gun control voting by the Representative for the next few years.