Facebook News Feed will get a new appearence

facebookFacebook declared a new version of News Feed that is designed to decrease confusion and focus more on stories from people you care about, the social networking company says. Among its new features is left-side navigation; new feeds for photos, news and music; and a streamlined interface between desktop and mobile versions.Hopefully the new facebook news feed will be more popular.

Facebook is gradually diverting to the new design. To get on the waiting list, visit facebook.com/newsfeed. Here’s a look at all the new features.

Facebook Vice President of Product Chris Cox says that the updated Facebook News Feed look is a “mobile-inspired Web design.” You will have a similar familiarity across devices, whether you’re accessing Facebook from your cell phone, tablet or desktop, he added.

You can switch between feeds by clicking on your sub-feeds. These include feeds of your friends’ photos, your friends’ most recent posts, music they’re listening to, games their playing and more. Another big change: Stories will be listed chronologically instead of by “Most Popular”, so you don’t miss anything.Your “All Friends” feed will contain all posts from friends in one place.

Facebook’s all change is because for making it user friendly. For making it more eye catching Facebook declared a new version of News Feed. After launching on February 4, 2004 Facebook changed its interface several times.



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