France 2- 0 Nigeria

GOAL!! France 2-0 Nigeria (90 Mins)

GOAL!! France 1-0 Nigeria (Pogba 79)

78 min Valbuena’s corber flies to Benzema at the back stick. He shoots low across goal and Omeruo hacks it clear with Enyeama beaten. The ball comes back out to the right of the box and Cabaye lashes a stonking shot against the underside of the bar and out.

74 min Vital interception from Debuchy as the ball was tonked towards Emenike who had drifted over to the left, behind the right-back.

74 min Vital interception from Debuchy as the ball was tonked towards Emenike who had drifted over to the left, behind the right-back.

72 min Griezmann has such good feet. Very comfortable in possession and in tight spaces. Benzema now shoots from outside the box on the left, dragging it wide.

69 min Enyeama gets enough on Benzema’s scuffed shot to stop it bouncing over the line after he made an opening on the left of the box with a lovely one-two, the delightful pass from Griezmann putting Benzema one-on-one with the keeper about 8m out. He shot low, Enyeama, though it went under him depowered it with his body and Moses cleared it off the line.

66 min Oshaniwa bails Nigeria out after a wondeful cross from Valbuena from right by the corner flag. It looked as if it actually curled out of play which may have dragged Enyeam out of position. he could only tip it backwards and it took a flying volley from Oshaniwa to stop it dropping to Benzema to shoot.

64 min France are enduring a pahse when they keep messing up the final ball and here they almost go behind because Matuidi concedes possession with a lazy, forced pass with his left foot straight to Gabriel who knocks it forward quickly through Musa and Odemwingie shoots low and hard through the legs of Varane and Evra with his left foot. Hugo Lloris, the heir of Joel Bats, gets down quickly to block with his arms.

63 min France sub – Giroud goes off for Griezmann.

61 min Nigeria hold possession for a good minute, sending the ball from the left wing, via their left-back, across the centre-halfs and up the right until Ambrose chances a cross from deep and the ball is cleared by Varane.

59 min Gabriel eventually comes on for Onazi, only after France had broken again up the right. This is a game of the right. Something of the right about it as both sides are lopsided in their attacking strategies, overloading the left-backs. Debuchy’s shot at the end of that thrust was tame, though.

58 min Nigeria persevere with 10 men, having second thoughts about Azeez, who puts his shirt on and jogs by the touchline and then is told to sit down.

55 min Onazi heads down the tunnel on a stretcher. Nigeria have a throw on the right level with the penalty spot. Ambrose Delaps it in but Koscielny heads behind for a corner, which goes to the edge of the box and Giroud clears.

54 min Filthy tackle from Matuidi almost amputates Onazi’s ankle and foot. He ‘had eyes only for the ball’ is the commentator’s cop out. He was booked but it could have been red, all six studs going over the ball and planting themselves forcefully into Onazi’s ankle. Matuidi apologisesa nd looks remorseful, but that’s the end of Onazi.

52 min Moses and Ambrose are making headway up the right, Ambrose curling a superb cross in to Emenike in the six-yard box, who was offside, but Varane had tracked him and put his head in the way of the header, jarring his neck and stinging his cheek with his block.

51 min The word gingerly was invented for the way Oshaniwa is testing his knee after coming back on.

49 min Omeruo has to be alert and stops Musa’s progress after Mikel amusement arcaded Pogba, nutmegging him twice, to free Oshaniwa wide on the left. He ended up on the floor when he hit his knee against the tackler’s knee and Pogba shuttled the ball forward forcing Omeruo to clean up.

47 min Good run from Moses after a lovely pass from Odemwingie up the right. With France retreating nervously, Moses gets past Evra but his firm cross doesn’t get past Koscielny.

46 min We resume and France go straight up the middle, Benzema the more central of the three, rolling the pass out to Goroud on the left but he spears a cross beyond the far post.

17.58 Most of the half-time talk centres on the wasteful deployment of Karim Benzema on the left. The consensus is that Griezmann should come on, Benzema move up the middle and Giroud should take his haircut off for a sit down.

Here is Emenike slotting the ball into the net. The goal was disallowed but replays suggest he was, at the least, level.

Half time The BBC panel thinks France’s greater quality is beginning to tell. I’m not sure that they are. Matuidi would be running the game but Pogba is taking too many risks and giving up the ball really cheaply and Mikel and Onazi are combatting them with determination and dedication.

45+2 min Onazi sticks out a leg to try to stop Valbuena’s run through the centre-right, about 30m out. The free-kick is arrowed to the far post to Koscielny but as he leaps to head it back across goal in a challenge with Enyama, he is penalised for backing in, harshly, and the ref blows for half-time before the Nigeria free-kick can be taken.

45 min Evra for the second time in a couple of minutes instigates an attack with a years-defying burst up the left, stopped by Moses and Ambrose.

43 min Mikel is playing very well going forward, underlining again that his club have persistently played him in the wrong position, slickly laying off a probing pass for Emenike to run on to and shoot at Lloris who pushes it out with firm hands.

41 min Moses asks for a foul when he falls after going up to head with Matuidi in the centre. The ref’s not having it, waves play on, and Benzema takes it towards the corner flag where Nigeria outnumber him.

38 min Another powerful break from Matuidi leaves Mikel gasping for air. Matuidi must have five lungs. He draws Omeruo out to try to stop him, making a gap for the supporting Debuchy to shoot through but it’s a right-back’s shot. A Newcastle United’s right-back of a shot, trickling wide.

36 min It’s alarmingly open at times with the defensive frailties that have made this tournament such a goal glut very eveident. Varane, though, is awake, cutting out a long low diagonal cross from Oshaniwa, booting it out for a corner. That’s the best way of stopping a Nigeria attack. Give them a corner. Having said that, the referee spots Evra as the cross from teh corner comes in, with both arms wrapped around Odemwingie’s chest as if they were doing a sky dive together. Instead of giving a penalty, though, he tells him not to do it again.

France are looking good on either side of the pitch.Nigeria need to tighten that defence and Giroud needs a new hair stylist.And,er…Victor Moses? OK then

33 min Mikel is mugged because he seemed to lack a sense of danger, letting Pogba rob him and take two strides towards the box. The pass he chips out to Valbuena is a decent idea but the cross is no good, the box crowded and when Pogba tries to play it on the floor through the middle, Giroud is caught offside.

31 min Off goes Matuidi on a run up the left, Pogba holding and letting his central partner go. He has quick feet and some engine but Ambrose and Yobo squeeze out his space and leave him looking for a shin deflector cross to win a corner.

29 min Ambrose links up with Mikel this time as they raid up the right. They’re confident that this route is the one to unhinge France, Benzema not tracking back to help Evra and Odemwingie joining in to overload the full-back. Ambrose’s cross is hoicked out for a corner which Musa, again, drives low at the near post marker and Koscielny heads up for Lloris to catch.

27 min It was a good save from Enyeama but I’m not sure it was quite as good as Twitter seems to be suggesting. He batted it away very proficiently but it wasn’t an Ochoa style miracle.

25 min Ambrose and Moses combine promisingly up the right for Moses to cross, winning another corner that Musa wastes. That’s the fourth or fifth he’s taken and failed to clear the front post guards.

23 min Now Nigeria break up their right, looking for the cross to Odemwingie and again the final ball lets them down.

21 min Excellent move from France, Pogba driving down the inside right channel from halfway, opening his body and spraying a pass into Valbuena’s stride. His first time cross finds Pogba just inside the box and he met it on the volley, shooting firmly, Enyeama saving well with both hands. It was straight enough but had some power and a little swerve.

18 min Emenike puts the ball in the net, a stabbed shot from just inside the six-yard box after a clever threaded cross, bending behind the centre-halfs from Musa, but Evra had timed his run out perfectly, springing the trap and catching the No9.

17 min Nigeria free-kick scooped over from 20m by Emenike after the ball was tapped across the D to him.

15 min Onazi trots back on after France waste the opportunity to play in Valbuena who was free with a clear sight on goal on the edge of the box, choosing instead to drive to the left and get bogged down by numbers in the box, Giroud shooting over when closed down.

13 min Onazi is down injured after Pogba tackled him and he jarred his knee. He has been stretchered off in the break before Nigeria take a free-kick, wide on the left about 5m from the goal-line. Odemwingie takes it to the back post but the header from Mikel is weak and back across goal.

11 min Nigeria have begun well, Emenike and Onazi carving out a shooting chance on the edge of the box that is deflected off Varane.

9 min Omeruo steps up to block Pogba’s dribble up the inside right channel and though France win it back, Benzema gives it away cheaply and Nigeria attack through the centre but Cabaye, sitting deep, reinforces the beckpedalling Koscielny and stops the move.

7 min Debuchy and Valbuena are trying to run Oshaniwa into the ground but so far Musa is being diligent, refusing to allow the two France right-siders to beast the full-back, dropping back and snapping at Debuchy.

6 min Moses stretches his legs down the left but doesn’t take Debuchy on, cutting inside instead and, through Ambrose and Mikel switching play. Ambros crosses deep but Odemwingie can’t get up to head it powerfully, the apex of his leap and the trajectory of the ball not making the perfect match.

4 min Nigeria corner taken by Musa, aiming for Yobo but the first defender deals with it easily and though Nigeria have a chance to recycle and play the ball back in, France get the ball and break quickly through Matiuidi motoring down the field and almost gets a drag back to Goroud that Yobo reads and quells.

2 min Low flat cross by Debuchy across the edge of the box after decent work from Pogba and Matuidi to open up the space to play in the overlapping right-back. The ball is aimed towards Benzema who is lurking menacingly. He lurks very well, but Oshaniwa intercepts and clears.

1 min The ball is played back to Enyeama who takes it relatively short and Valbuena goes storming up the right but Musa tracks him back and stops his progress.