Glass app lets you take a photo just by thinking about it

10 july 2014

Developers in the US and UK are increasingly putting Glass through its paces in an effort to fully understand its current capabilities and future potential.

A UK startup, for example, appears to have taken Google’s face-based computer to a whole new level, developing software that allows you to snap a photo just by thinking about it.

That’s right, folks. Glass can read your mind.

Actually, it’s not Google’s gadget itself that’s diving into your gray matter, but software – together with another piece of kit that attaches to Glass – that performs the magic.

London-based This Place has developed an app called MindRDR that works together with commercially available brain monitor MindWave Mobile (from NeuroSky) to gather information from your mind. The device can interpret brain activity, with the setup offering users the ability to take photos and even post them on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

MindRDR works with the monitor to detect extra levels of activity in the brain, so when the user begins to concentrate on an object, a horizontal line appears on Glass’s screen. The more the user concentrates, the higher the bar moves. When it reaches the top, the device’s camera shutter fires. Continue to focus your mind and the white line will once again reach the top, sending your photo off to social media sites.




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