Google Reader will not be accessible later than July 1, 2013

Google has declared that it will be closing down the Google Reader service this 30th June at 11:59 PM. Speaking through their company blog, a spokesman said, there are two simple reasons that Google is closing the service: “Usage of has decline, and as a company we are driving all of our energy into fewer products”. Some Online Earning Training institutes also concern about Google’s recent decision. They said “we are very much worried because Google Reader is still an immense class room for us and our students.”


Reader was launched in 2005 and quickly became the dominant player in use. The company said that consumers those who are fascinated in abiding to use RSS feeds will be able to export the settings to another service using Google Takeout.

The loss of the service will be a blow to the RSS standard. While the use of RSS has dropped dramatically in the years since the launch of Facebook and Twitter, is still widely used by some people, including journalists.

Users have started a petition on to try to convince Google to make the decision to cancel. So far, 25,000 names were added with a further 2,000 sign petition to time according to the website.But the main fact is Google Reader will not be accessible later than July 1, 2013.



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