Greek oil tanker bombed in Libyan port of Derna

Greek oil tanker bombed in Libyan port of Derna

Military jets have attacked a Greek-operated oil tanker in the Libyan port of Derna, killing two crew members, the Greek authorities have said.

The attack, on Sunday, was carried out by the Libyan air force after the ship’s movements aroused suspicion, a Libyan military spokesman told the BBC.

Derna has been controlled by Islamist militants for the past two years.

The Libyan military attacked the port several times last year in an attempt to weaken militant groups there.

The military spokesman, Colonel Ahmed Mesmari, said the tanker had been targeted because it had failed to submit to an inspection before entering the port.

He said the vessel was supposed to dock at a power plant in Derna but instead “took a different route”, entering a “military zone”.

“We asked the ship to stop, but instead it turned off all its lights and would not respond so we were obliged to strike it.

“We bombed it twice,” he said.

No leakage

There were 26 crew members on board the ship, Araevo, including nationals from the Philippines, Greece and Romania.

Two were injured in the attack, in addition to those killed.

The Liberian-flagged tanker is operated by an Athens-based shipping company, Aegean Shipping Enterprises Company, and was carrying 12,600 tonnes of crude oil.

The Greek authorities said the ship was at anchor in the port when it came under attack.




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