Latest developments

• The suspect in Friday’s terrorist attack “was recognized as a delivery employee” at the U.S.-owned gas factory near Lyon in southeastern France, said Paris Prosecutor François Molins, whose office handles terrorism-related cases in France. He said that the 54-year-old victim was a boss at the delivery company.

• Firefighters responding to the explosion “discovered that the criminal was trying to open canisters” in an open warehouse that contained dangerous materials, according to Molins. This suspect was detained, and the vehicle he had been driving “was more or less destroyed.”

• Authorities later found a decapitated body and a knife inside the vehicle of the suspect as well as the victim’s head “with two banners or flags … inscribed with a profession of faith in Islam,” the prosecutor said.

• One person was in the vehicle, but four people have been detained so far — the main suspect, his wife, his sister and “another individual who has been involved in a criminal organization,” Molins said.

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One person has been beheaded and two people injured in a terrorist attack at a U.S.-owned gas factory near Lyon in southeastern France, President François Hollande said Friday.

The suspect’s contacts with Muslim fundamentalists, and reports that Islamist flags or writings were found at the scene, point to a possible Islamist extremist motive.