Hotels where wild animals roam free

Hotels where wild animals roam free

Check in to one of these hotels where wild animals roam free, and you could be sharing your breakfast table with giraffes, lounging poolside with elephants, or peering out from your hotel room window at a rookery of penguins.

1. Makanyane Safari Lodge, Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa

Courtesy Makanyane Safari Lodge

Located within the Madikwe Game Reserve, the Makanyane Safari Lodge offers guests up close views of the surrounding bush and the wildlife that resides within it. The secluded suites have floor-to-ceiling glass windows perfect for watching passing elephants, and the main lodge is conveniently located next to a water hole visited by an abundance of wildlife. Makanyane Safari Lodge is known for being a “big five” resort, where you have good odds of seeing all five of the most legendary African big animals: lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino and leopard.

2. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort, Orlando, Florida

© nik wheeler / Alamy

A stay at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort in Orlando will feel more like a visit to Africa than Florida. Take a walk around the grounds, and you’re likely to spot more than 30 species of African wildlife. The lodge is home to 200 resident animals and birds, including gazelles, flamingos, zebras, and giraffes.




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