All of we (who used know this that, as a new contractor on oDesk can be hard for a professional. Clients don’t want to hire you without any good ratings and feedback or past successful projects on your profile; they want expert, experienced and reputed freelancers – with at least 100 oDesk hours.

So the main problem is how a newbie will be able to get their first job?

When I was a new contractor myself, this is the exact problem or difficulty for me too. I only had a fresher look profile with no feedback or past work. I noticed I was falling a very high competition but I was strong-minded to get my first job and after few days I got my first job and now I’m a successful contractor.

So I can feel your mental condition to face with all these challenges and with no chance to prove your work passion, skill or even yourself. To assist you to get your first job on oDesk, here are some techniques or tips what have worked for me and for many, hopefully will work for you too

  • Complete your oDesk profile. If you’re careful enough, it will take you about one or two hour to do. You can see some successful contractors profile presentation to get an idea how things need to be organized. But never copy any other contactors profile, objective or other details.
  • Make portfolio samples for every service you offered in your skill or objective section. You should upload screenshots or PDFs of your work example link, name them as your service you focused in. Also please write a short but informative description for each.
  • Give yourself a relevant title that expresses what you do. Simply writing one line like “I’m the hardworking and passionate contractor” may not attract or liked by most of the client’s. You should write something professional and not funny and descriptive. But never write not too long title.
  • Only Choose and place bid the job posts that are best fits you. You should choose and place bid only those job for which you are perfect. Not any job you understood or not. Cause clients can see your recent bid from your profile. If you place bid randomly in many topics clients may think you are not expert in anything but know many things.
  • Write your cover letter as project requirements. Always you should read full project description and then make your cover letter as required information for this project. Never write a duplicated or common cover latter which does not describe these jobs instructions but your skill. Clients see what you’ve written about his project and are you able to understand the job or not.
  • Choose a rate that’s fair for any project not the cheapest not the highest. Most of the clients habitually avoid the lowest bidders, keeping in mind that you may not able to do it. Also no highest bidders what will cross his/her budget. Offer the most logical price for your services.
  • Always analyse any project descriptions on which you are going to place bid. It’s the most important things to get job. Also if you understood the jobs you can make a few sample or relevant example to show the clients attached with the cover letter. Personally I always try to understand the clients requirements and be ready to take any interview by text chat, voice chat or even I offer clients to that if he/she want I can do some sample work by his/her instructions to make them assure that I’m able to do the project successfully.

Finally you are not alone in this fight for the largest and number one marketplace oDesk carer. Lots of new contractors getting their first job on oDesk everyday. We all know it that all experienced and skilled contractors were newbie like you once.

Also feel free to ask me if you need any further help. I’m ready to help you by replying when I got free. Its a passion for me to help new contractors from Bangladesh.

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