There are several ways to make money from blogging. Unfortunately, many people often lose hope because at that present time they aren’t making any money at all. My advice is not to surrender! Nothing can be possible over night.  It takes time to develop a blog that will make you money, If you want to achieve this you need right direction, planning and hard work.

Depending upon what your website about here is some collection of list that can help you to make money from blogging. But don’t lose your heart if one method doesn’t work for you just try a different one and build upon that!

I hope this variety of ways will help you to begin your earning from online:

1. Pay per click (PPC)

Also called cost per click (CPC). Probably you can guess from the name how you can make money from this. You get paid for every click when a visitor makes on ads, for this one need a lot of visitors for the blog.  The payouts depend on a number of factors including the type of ad, the value of the keywords of the ad, the click through rate (CTR) for the blog, and the time span of the blog. Google’s Ad sense is the most widely used PPC program, but there are other options. You can find PPC adverts for your website at these popular sites:

  • Google Ad Sense
  • Chitika
  • Clicksor
  • BidVertiser
  • Amazon
  • WidgetBucks
  •  Shopzilla
  •  eBay

2. Cost per Mile Advertising

Cost per Mile advertising (CPM) is something alike to PPC advertising, PPC determine by getting paid on a per-click basis, and CPM  getting paid according to the number of impressions (page views) you get. There are many CPM providers that you can get ads from. Each varies on payment option, usually the better the provider the higher rate you will be paid.  The best providers can enter to more quality advertisers for this they are ready to pay you more. It’s also depend on where the advert is placed on your website. The higher and bigger the ad is placed on the blog, the more income you get.

3. Text Link Ads

Text Link Ads helps you to place text based ads within the text of your articles. For example, if you are writing an article about a certain product, you can place text-link ads inside your posts that would refer your viewers to that special product. Here are some sites that help if you want to earn money with paid text links.

  • Text Link Ads
  • DigitalPoint Link Sales Forum
  • Text-Link-Brokers
  • TNX
  • LinkWorth
  • Clicksor
  • SmartLinks

4. In-text Ads

Very similar to the above text link ads, ‘In-text ads’ are adverts that are placed within your text content such as articles or blog posts. You need to sign up to an In-text advertising provider that will place sponsored links within your text. It’s a double underlined links in which when a user moves the cursor of the mouse over one of them a small advertising pop-up will appear. Its upon the user if they want to click on it, which will make you a small amount of money.

5. Advertising Widgets

It’s a mixture of PPC, text link ads and affiliate programs. Advertising Widgets is relatively new method

On the scene. A large number of people are using widgets on their blogs to generate money.

6. Advertising Space

Advertising Space is a great way to earn money from your website by advertising. It allows you to

Charge the advertiser whatever you want as because there is no middleman involved. You come to an agreement with the advertiser about how much will the advertiser pay and for how long will the advertisement be on your website. Only downside of this way is that you have to consider time for the management of the whole starting process with the advertiser. RSS Adverts

7. Pop-Up Ads

We can understand it by its name. Pop-up ads come into view on a users screen when they visit your site. It’s the user choice to click on the ad or close it to keep going on your site. If you wish to ad pop-ups to your site, there are several options to consider. Here are some sites listed below offer a variety of ad formats, 1. Popup Ad 2. Pay Popup

8. Pay per Post

Here the Companies are going to you a per post fee to write for reviewing their products or services. The main thing here is to make clear in the article that it is a paid review. Below are some sites regarding pay per post?

  • Review Me
  • Sponsored Reviews
  • Pay Per Click
  • LoudLaunch
  • BlogVertise

9. RSS Adverts

RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is a format for sharing and distributing Web content.  You need a RSS feed (which you should!) then its possible follow in the footsteps of millions of other website owners and to begin placing ads on it.

Many RSS feed generators now propose this service, so that it is even easier to work with it. Some offer CPM or PPC advertising, however you can offer to sell sponsored messages or banners directly on your feed.

You can monetize your feed through  BidVertiser and Google FeedBurner .

10. Affiliate Marketing

If it’s done correctly then it’s a great way to monetize your blog. Previously you used different types of method as affiliate marketing, but often a review of a product can work just as well.

For example, if you have a technical website you could research affiliate programs that contain products related to technology. Perhaps someone wants people to advertise their new apps for smart phone, you could write a blog entry ‘What’s the impact of apps for the smart phone users’ and at the end you could promote the affiliate product.

With this type of advertising, one can get a commission with per sale that resulted from ones recommendation through banner ads, text link ads, etc. which takes the viewers to the product page. If the viewer buy, then you get a commission. This is determine on a percentage of the sale price, maybe 10-20%, sometime it vary depending on the individual product.

Here are some great websites that have links to loads of affiliates:

  • ClickBank
  • ShareASale
  • Skimlinks
  • AffiliateWindow

Above I described some of the ways to make money by blogging. Now the rest are with you. If you have other method to generate money from blogging, then send me an email or leave a comment. I really love to add your idea in my article.

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