How to make money online with Revenue Sharing Websites, the untold truth

There are many content revenue sharing websites that help publishers to earn money by sharing Ad revenue. The logic behind revenue sharing sites is straight forward. You generate a free publisher account on the website and add your content. The website will earn revenue from the ads displayed on the page. And this revenue will be shared between the website and the authors. The amount of  share of advertising revenue will varies from website to website. Typically this can be anywhere between 30% to 100%.

The list are given below are highly ranked and get many targeted visitors every day. In addition to revenue, they offer a number of advantage such as improving your online visibility, generating valuable back-links to your website as well as attracting vast audiences.

The following revenue sharing websites can help you get started in making money from your articles,



You can earn considerable amount by writing for About.Com. By applying to the guide you can publish content and earn revenue. One should have more than five years experience in their chosen topic area and it’s required to write at least 4 articles in a month in addition to updating their blog for two to three times a week. Approved publishers are guaranteed a per-article rate for maximum number of new articles on contract. pays Guides by evaluating page view growth. On average, a Guide will make $1,000 a month in first two years.

2. (Formerly Associated Content)

Every month a million of people visited on this great platform where writers, videographers, photographers, and virtually anyone else can publish web content in any format, including text, audio, video, images on topics of their choice. One can earn a percentage of the advertisement revenue that the content generates.

 3. Demandstudios1

It’s an exciting opportunities for writers to write for Demand Media Studios. Sites including USA Today and eHow are part of the demand media network. Approved writers get access to different types of assignments within their area of expertise. For all published articles Writers are get paid twice a week. The range for Per-article payments is $15-$25 or more it’s depending on length and topic of the article.

4. Ehow.Com

ehowEhow is known for its quality tutorials, guides and content. How best for is short how-to style guides and articles. It’s possible to earn $1000 for 300 to 400 articles per month, averaging approximately $3 per article. eHow belongs to the Demand Media Studios Network,


hubpagesA great online platform where you can share tips, advice, reviews, insights and opinions with a large online community and earn Google ads revenue share from your writing. Also, include affiliate links to products on your HubPages articles to increase your passive revenue streams on HubPages



Squidoo is a great publishing platform and community. All revenue is dividing here 50/50. It offers several ways of generating revenue. In it users are able to recommend sell their products via affiliate programs with eBay, Amazon, CafePress and others. Users get commission on sale generate via their pages. To organize content on your page there are a number of tools and gadgets like Hubpages.


suiteSuite 101 is an e-media magazine. It shares ad revenue with writers. One can paid a share of the revenue that earned from a different of ad sources on Suite 101. Its requirement is to submit 2 writing samples for review. Suite accepted only 20-25% of all writers who apply. It’s also demand exclusive writing which needs to be unique.


heliumHere one can publish knowledge-based articles to earn revenue on Writers can Share their knowledge and expertise. You can choose your own topics to write about. Get paid through exclusive assignments and incentive payments and performance bonuses depend on the traffic your work receives.

9. provides its members a great opportunity to communicate with knowledge and earn payment through providing quality full content and help writers to own online network. It provides content in the form of presentations, article, video, audio recordings and image slideshows. Publishers get paid for royalties from Google AdSense; it is only possible when people engage with your content. You can also submit content which is already published elsewhere as long as it’s yours.


redgageRedgage is a great platform for people who are engaged with their social activity. Its pays people for their online content. It’s make a hub where you can get paid  for all the things you’re already doing online by take together your content from places like  Twitter, Face book, Flicker, YouTube, and Blogger. RedGage pays depending on the value of your content, that measured by page views/popularity. It’s important to Built-in importer to import your content. RedGage‘s calculation depend upon many factor like the page view, level of activity, quality of work etc.


constantcontentConstant Content is one of the highly-paid online markets for content writers. It works differently from other content sites. One can set his/her own prices at Constant Content. This site helps the website owners to buy Unique Articles for their site from Over 60,000 Content Writers.  Here Website owners can bid on your unique articles. You can get steady revenue if your writing is quality full content and set competitive prices.


ShetoldmeIn Social Bookmarking you can earn from Ad Sense Revenue Sharing and Referrals! Up to three Ad Sense blocks are viewable on this page, one of which will be yours. When you refer a new member to this site with your referral link, you get your Ad Sense ID displayed on each content pages this member submits, hundred percent of the time, for life. It also helps you to get additional revenue from Chitika ads.


Best-reviewerThis site was started by the owners of It is better suited for bookmarks. Best Reviewer encourages member to add top reviews or list articles in any niche e.g. Top ‘10 Web design websites’. You get hundred percent Ad sense revenue sharing. You can mutiply your income by referrals or through using your own Amazon Affiliate code.


Digitaljournal.Digitaljournal is a news site to share your openion, vote on newsworthy articles, and engage in debates.

Its Payments depends on both likes and page-views.  a news article get paid more  than for an opinion piece by the Journalists. You can earn extra to work as a Digital Journalist and your work depend on-the-ground reporting and interviews. to make money at you don’t need a Google Adsense account.


xombaXomba is such a revenue sharing site that is quick and easy to write for. Here You can submit   hundred fifty words or more or submit short bookmarks. Xomba pays fifty percent of Google Adsense clicks around your articles. If you refer your friends to Xomba and  can earn an addition ten percent of earning from the Adsense clicks for their earnings.



Flixya.Com is a social network where you can share photos, videos and blog posts and earn 100% ad revenue generated from your content.



Triond have associated with a number of niche websites. It help you to get published ones article on the relevant website depending to its topic.  By building a portfolio here you can get more recognition and more reader. Fifty percent of the revenue comes from your content will share with the writer.



Oondi is a place where a writer having no worry about anything else. When one submit his/her work to oondi, one can get 100% of the advertisement profits.



It’s a review base site. Here users can write a review on any topic, product or an easy. A Product Review help the reader having detailed information about one specific product.  An Essay helps the reader general advice on a type of product or on a topic . The revenue Share program is from the writers who contribute reviews that help other users make decisions.

20. .


Meshplex is a tutorial base directory on the internet. It has Wiki style interface. If one submit tutorials to this website, one can to include one Adsense unit within the body of your post. If a reader clicks on your ad you receive hundred percent of the Adsense revenue.



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