Were you sobbing when it finished?

Or is she simply a pretty girl with no teaching you? Here’s what you made of Fleabag’ We all write the remainder of the story–art’s amazing–both the series and the ending. Now that the capacity for love (which her Father pointing to her, we can hope that somewhere, somewhere in a reciprocal way, Fleabag finds an appropriate object of her refreshing affections shortly before she articulates it to the Priest) is recognized. The Priest was so obviously wrong, not just taken, but alcohol-safe, suppressed and usually torn… We all write the rest of the story and play the happy story.

The ending was perfect’

It was very sad to find out it would be the last one in the second series, but the end of Fleabag was perfect to walk away from the camera. I can wait patiently for the next masterpiece of Phoebe Waller-Bridge. 24, Inverness, Calum O’Brien.

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