Investors get bellyful of earnings


Still hungry for earnings news? Open up. There’s a spoonful more coming this week.

All sorts of food companies report earnings this week. The earnings banquet starts Tuesday with Darden (DRI). The owner of the pasta chain Olive Garden is expected to serve up a bowl of profit growth this quarter. Analysts see profit jumping 80%. That’s better than the soggy noodle investors got in the second quarter when profit fell 39%.

General Mills is on a mission to prove Americans still love a bowl of cereal on Wednesday. Shares of General Mills have been flat as earnings growth has stalled. Expect another bland quarter. Profit is expected to fall another 8.4%. Analysts don’t see profit growth returning until the February quarter.

Still hungry? Conagra (CAG), the company behind Chef Boyardee reports. But investors aren’t saying O Boy. Analysts expect 3% lower profit.

The week isn’t just about food. There will be economic news about inflation and unemployment claims. Cruiseship operator Carnival (CCL) reports. As does database firm Oracle and sports gear maker Nike.

But one thing’s for sure. Investors get a bellyful of new data this week. And we’ll see if it’s enough to keep the bull market satisfied.




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