January is the cheapest month to fly

January is the cheapest month to fly

If you think only the rich can afford to jet off on winter vacations, you could be missing out. January is generally the cheapest month of the year to fly.

Dates for cheapest month of year

January (and part of February) is a dead zone, or off-peak period that begins once Christmas and New Year’s flights have ceased.

The period generally begins Jan. 7 or 8 and ends in mid-February. The precise dates can vary by airline, especially at the end, but look for prices to rise around Valentine’s Day when Spring Break season gets underway.

Tip: When Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend as it does this year, getaway flights and hotels tend to be pricier, so consider flying midweek or another weekend for your romantic getaway.

Expensive January destinations

Not all January and early February destinations are cheap. Expect fares to warm weather destinations like the Caribbean and Hawaii to be expensive, but you can find good deals to cities in Florida or destinations like Gulfport or San Diego.

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