Kim Kardashian Posts #TBT in Sequined Bikini, Crowns Herself “Miss Armenian Teen”: See the Photo!

Kim Kardashian Posts TBT in Sequined Bikini

Kim Kardashian didn’t just #TBT, she threw it way back on Thursday, Feb. 5. Shared via Instagram, the reality star posted a photo of her trim teen self rocking a sequined triangle-top bikini.

Think the bedazzled look is worthy of a pageant princess? She’s way ahead of you.

“#TWTFBT I’m throwing this way the f—k back Thursday,” Kardashian, 34, captioned the photo, jokingly tacking on the hashtag “#MissArmenianTeen.”

Sparkly or not, Kardashian clearly found her signature look at a young age and stuck to it! Mrs. Kanye West’s signature lush mane, her go-to makeup choices (i.e. smoky eye, blushed cheeks, nude lips, check!), and her famously tan hourglass shape are all on display.

Bonus: It looks like teenage Kardashian, whose father Robert famously defended O.J. Simpson during the murder trial in 1994 through 1995, was all about the belly button ring and body jewelry, so popular back then. (Or, if—and only if—you’re Britney Spears, just as popular today.)

When not fake-competing in a pageant, Kardashian was likely hanging with BFF Paris Hilton, who would later go on to hire Kardashian to organize her closet — a move that helped her jumpstart her fashion business.




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