Liam Hemsworth Is Shirtless and Kissing Kate Winslet! Watch The Dressmaker Trailer Now!

Liam Hemsworth Is Shirtless and Kissing Kate Winslet Watch The Dressmaker Trailer Now

The movie follows the story of a glamorous woman who returns to her small town in rural Australia years after she was rumored to have killed a boy. With her sewing machine and high-fashion style, she tries to get back in the good graces of the townspeople while falling love with Hemsworth’s hunky, rough and tumble character.

“She left town in disgrace, now she’s back in style,” reads the trailer. “This year, secrets, gossip and scandal are back in fashion.”

At one point in the movie trailer, Hemsworth strips down and goes shirtless to flaunt his bulging biceps, six-pack abs and perfect pecs. The Aussie Hunk then plants a smoldering smooch on the Oscar winner. Now that’s a kiss!

“I reckon you came home for one of two things: revenge or me,” Hemsworth says.

The Dressmaker comes out Oct. 22. Watch the steamy trailer for yourself!

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