Lima climate talks: Peru summit continues through night

Lima climate talks Peru summit continues through night

Talks have continued well past the official close of business on the final day of a key UN climate summit in Peru aimed at advancing a new global treaty.

The negotiators in the capital, Lima, are tasked with preparing a text to serve as the basis for a new compact to be signed in Paris next year.

Long-running divisions between rich and poor countries are hampering progress.

US Secretary of State John Kerry has warned that the world is “still on a course leading to tragedy”.

He said a deal was “not an option – an urgent necessity”.

Negotiators have been meeting in Lima for almost two weeks to prepare the elements of the new treaty.

‘Red lines’

A new text has been produced by the chairman of the talks in an effort to get a decision.

But environmental groups say that it is far too weak and threatens to leave many issues unresolved.




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