Macaulay Culkin Poses in Funny Weekend at Bernie’s Picture After Death Hoax: See the Photo

Macaulay Culkin Poses in Funny Weekend

Weekend at Macaulay’s? The Internet was buzzing with gossipy tidbits that on-screen character Macaulay Culkin had passed on Saturday, Nov. 8. Luckily, the news was all a piece of a fancy demise lie, and the Home Alone performer, 34, took to his band’s Twitter page to demonstrate it.

The NYC-based rock band The Pizza Underground, tweeted a few pictures of Culkin from its official handle, unified with him grinning and holding up a pop with the heading, “We’re on visit you senseless individuals/ @anchovywarhol’s.”

The previous tyke on-screen character likewise postured in a gathering shot, however his best picture of the day discovered him reproducing the 1989 clique excellent satire Weekend at Bernie’s, in which two fellows imagine their manager Bernie is still alive keeping in mind the end goal to spare their own particular lives.

“Weekend at bernies with @anchovywarhol #greenroom,” the band’s handle subtitled the photograph of Culkin, tongue in cheek playing dead in the arms of his bandmate.

The gathering likewise retweeted a fan who went to their show at the Fun Fest in Austin, Texas, who composed, “Macauley’s first words: “I’m alive!” #pizzaunderground #ffffest.”?




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