Thursday, Nov. 6, and the two buddies occupied with a session of Facebreakers.

Fallon’s amusement comprises of 16 glass boards, half painted with the late-night host’s face and the other half fitting in with the profile of his adversary. “Don’t confound the confronts, we look truly much the same,” Fallon, 40, clowned Thursday, clarifying the guidelines of the mainstream show staple. “First and foremost individual to crush the majority of their adversary’s confronts, wins!”

Mcconaughey, 45, showing up on the show in an ash tuxedo, excitedly snatched a football as Fallon disgracefully told the crowd: “Matthew’s beat me twice on the show.”

Mcconaughey went first and foremost, and with two sequential tosses (complete with immaculate spirals!), he hit Fallon’s glass boards square in the face. At one point, he even headed Fallon 3 to 1.

The on-screen character, a long-term football fan, has frequently communicated his affection for the amusement, and even gave a motivational discourse to the University of Texas’ Longhorns football group (his institute of matriculation) this past September.