Microsoft is unveiling a determined effort to overhaul its search experience in Office, Windows, Bing and more today. Dubbed Microsoft Search, the new search journey will first begin acting on Bing and today. Bing isn’t going away, but Microsoft Search is the new identify for a combination of Bing and the search results you may count on to discover in Windows applications. It’s designed to mix usual search results with commands, app features, and personalized results. Search is being moved to a central location in Office apps, permitting Excel customers to find instructions and facets in results alongside files and other search results.

”We think this is one of the most profound things we’ve done in a while,” says Jeff Teper, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Office, in an interview with The Verge. Microsoft’s new search ride will be contextual per application, and will even combine third-party companies’ offerings in 2019. At first and Bing will surface local sites, files, and contacts for groups at the top of the search results and next year the Microsoft Office apps will be up to date to include navigation and commanding from the search bar.

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