Kira Kazantsev constantly longed for getting to be Miss America however when she won the crown a month ago,

Monstrous stories flowed about her charged damaging right of passage of vows at school. The 23-year-old blonde told Rob Shuter of that she does lament some of her activities.

“School was not the most straightforward time in my life,” she conceded. “I unquestionably wish I could take a few things back. I wish I picked some different parkways of association in school. I can’t change that. Everything I can do is look to a brighter future and rouse other more youthful ladies entering school not to do those things.”

What’s more the glamorous lady likewise says that the media whirlwind was a troublesome experience to experience.

It hard when individuals take things and endeavor them for the purpose of a story and tell lies,” she said. “I went on “GMA” and composed a site to clarify all these things and I have done so to the best of my capacity and I have a decent good character and compass and if individuals see that, that is brilliant and on the off chance that they decide to accept grievous untruths I can’t control that.”