Motoped mechanized survival bicycle will get you there and back


31 july 2014
What’s superior to a survival vehicle that needn’t bother with gas, yet is euphoric to blaze it when you can get your active some?

Mechanized bike developer Motoped has revealed the new Black Ops version of its Kickstarter-supported creation.

The organization assembles downhill mountain-bicycle style moped units that purchasers add their own particular motors to – ideally a four-stroke Honda 50cc – to make an on and rough terrain driver that uses an exceptional accelerating framework and back suspension that takes into consideration huge amounts of wheel go without the chain going slack.

The Black Ops characteristics a stripped casing outline, military-green gas tank, obviously, back rack, and an arrangement of frill that incorporates a couple of one gallon gas packs, LED lighting framework, strategic scoop, climbing rope, a determination of survival blades and even a Barnett Recruit Compound Crossbow that mounts to the bicycle.

Estimating on the Black Ops model has not yet been published, yet a full Motoped suspension offers for $1,995 without drivetrain.