NYC: ‘Open for business’ regardless of Ebola case

NYC 'Open for business' despite Ebola case

Travel industry experts were sure Friday that news of New York City’s first Ebola case would not drive off guests, who come here by the several millions every year.

New York City “is open for business,” said Chris Heywood, a representative for NYC & Co., the city’s tourism association. “We have not become aware of any cases of gatherings or visit administrator retractions.”

New York, a worldwide money related focus and key travel center, is on track to have 55.8 million travelers not long from now, Heywood says.

Carolyn Clark, representative for the Professional Convention Management Association said the gathering hadn’t become aware of any parts scratching off or moving their gatherings far from New York City over worries about Ebola.

“From the babble in our private online group, the infection appears to have had little effect on objective decisions,” she said, including that few had recently met in Dallas where a Liberian man passed on of Ebola and two social insurance laborers were contaminated with the infection. “Most need to verify they have the most recent data and are readied for any on location … crisis situations.”

Craig Spencer, a New York-based doctor who as of late came back from the West African nation of Guinea, tried constructive for the Ebola infection on Thursday, rattling a few occupants of a city where individuals live and drive close by other people.




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