The presidents of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador met Mr Obama at the White House

President Barack Obama has told Central American pioneers that transient youngsters flooding into the US without genuine legitimate cases will be sent home.

The presidents of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador met Mr Obama at the White House on Friday to talk about the emergency at the US southern outskirt.

More than 50,000 kids, a lot of people unaccompanied, have been kept at the outskirt since October.

Mr Obama said they must stop more kids from endeavoring the trip.

“Every one of us perceive that we have an imparted obligation to address this issue,” Mr Obama told columnists at the White House on Friday, flanked by Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina, Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez and El Salvador President Salvador Sanchez Ceren.

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“The main thing he said was that he was terrified” – Rajini Vaidyanathan writes about America’s unlawful kid vagrants

He applauded his Central American partners for their progressing endeavors inside their countries to dissuade kids from flying out unlawfully to the US, however said more work must be carried out to battle the “huge test” and assuage the conditions that move folks to send them on the dangerous excursion.

“We need to discourage a proceeding with onrushing of youngsters putting themselves at incredible danger,” he said. At the same time he said, “Youngsters who don’t have fitting cases and families with kids who don’t have legitimate cases eventually will be liable to repatriation to their nations of origin.”

The Guatemalan president, Otto Perez Molina, said that the emergency must be determined additionally called for the bases of the issue to be tended to.

“At the heart of this are issues of compelling destitution and an absence of job open doors” he said.

“These are the genuine explanations behind migration and, as a nation, we need to strive to guarantee Guatemalans don’t look towards the US, yet rather discover tolerable living conditions in Guatemala”, he included.

The transients – for the most part from Central America – have been determined north by a spike in group brutality in their nations of origin, by amazing neediness, and in the midst of off base bits of gossip kids will be permitted to stay in the event that they make it over the outskirt.

Likewise at issue is a 2008 US law that gives unaccompanied kids from nations that don’t outskirt the US a programmed haven hearing, along these lines keeping their quick expulsion from the nation.

In his comments, Mr Obama approached Republicans in Congress to delay their approaching August break until they can endorse enactment expanding subsidizing to straightforwardness the emergency.

Recently, his organization asked for $3.7bn (£2.2bn) in crisis stores for tighter outskirt security, tend to the youngsters, detainment and evacuation projects, and movement courts