Did you know just about as many pets as people are getting a gift this holiday season? about 85% of pet owners said man’s best friend is at, or near, the very top of their list. Here are some of the most pawsome gifts for pets and the people who love them:

I’m sure your dog loves you just for you. But let’s face it, they love treats, too, and the PetziConnect  can keep them well fed and smiling even when you’re nowhere near home. This super smart little gadget is a cool combination of an HD webcam, speaker, microphone, and treat-tosser. You read that right — it can rocket out a tasty treat right into their little gaping mutt maws.

Once the PetziConnect is paired up with your home Wi-Fi and filled with Spot’s favorite kibbles, you can connect to it via the free app and catch a live feed of wherever your pets happen to hang out. You can record the video feed, talk to your dog remotely, and even toss a treat to them — all from your smartphone. Your pets will always be happy to hear your voice, and double happy to get that treat.

Source: http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2014/12/14/tech-gifts-for-pets/20270477/