Paris Hilton pummeled by world acclaimed DJ

Paris Hilton slammed by world famous DJ

Paris Hilton and the DJ Deadmau5 got into a warmed social networking fight on Friday after he posted a rage on his Tumblr page, pummeling the beneficiary for her (absence of) turning abilities reports The New York Post.

“So Paris makes a billion dollars playing a CD at a club. thats extraordinary. how is this news once more? Generally, i would pay about as much to see her “perform” as [race auto driving] fans would pay to watch me battle to escape from first apparatus and 20 feet off the beginning network  in an Indy500 race without winding up in a wreck,” he composed.

Hilton is raking in oodles of cash as a DJ. As indicated by Paper magazine she as of late made $2.7 million for working four nights in Ibiza.

Deadmau5′s web journal proceeded with his race auto similitude: “Thus, dont you think it would be a tad offending to the experts and fanatics of the driving scene on the off chance that i recently appeared one day…  dated a driver [referring to Hilton's ex DJ Afrojack], then bounced on the circuit the accompanying week ‘simply coz i can’? god…  even i know my f–kin limits…  s–t.”

He closed: “So paris, thank you…  were really not in any case distraught youre enthusiatic about electronic music…  we cherish that youre a piece of our gathering. Yet it would be ideal if you recover the f–k in your go kart. No compelling reason to demonstrate that you discovered somebody imbecilic enough to consider paying you a million dollars for something the world knows you arent…  in light of the fact that here’s  what you really are to everybody who realizes a better way.. ticket deals. nothing more.”

Hilton, 33, tweeted a “sorry-I’m-not-sorry” reaction. A plenty of retweets supporting her prof




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