President says 3rd person took part, on the run

President says 3rd person took part, on the run

What does a world leader who’s been shunned by the international community and strained relations with every major global power do to show that he still has some friends?

Invite 26 leaders of nations, not all of them famous for democracy or transparency, to a grandiose celebration for the 70th anniversary of World War II. And include a leader ostracized by almost the entire world — North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

That, at least, appears to be the motivation behind Russian President Vladimir Putin’s WWII celebration next month.

Welcome to the Russian leader’s world of “screw you” policy, as North Korea expert Nicholas Eberstadt put it.

While Putin has some diplomatic ground to gain by inviting the pariah leader, mostly it’s an invite sent out of pique.

“Spite is an underestimated quality in international relations,” he said. “Russia stood to gain basically nothing from playing the Kim Jong Un card. It was sort of a ‘screw you’ policy.”




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