Request the Captain: Favorite planes from record-breaking

Request the Captain: Favorite planes from record-breaking

Question: Hi John – what are some of your most loved planes (business, military, anything) ever, and why?

- put together by peruser Nick Piazza, Minneapolis

Reply: Here are my record-breaking top choices in different classifications.

Carriers: The Lockheed Constellation and the Boeing 757, because of their agile lines

Turboprop: Gulfstream 1, because of its lines and taking care of attributes

Business plane Gulfstream II thru 650, because of the lines and taking care of

Seaplanes: Boeing 314, because of the astonishing things it did before there were sufficient air terminals

Helicopter: Augusta 139, because of the lines and ability

Military: SR 71, because of the astonishing execution

Q: If you were to get offered any airplane by Boeing, which would you picked and why?

- Adam, United Kingdom

A: You ask an exceptionally troublesome inquiry. I put in 15 years flying 737s and it is one of my most loved planes. My supposition is predispositioned due to knowing it so well. I might want to fly the 777 or 787 to delight in the innovation and new era capacities.

In the event that you constrained me to pick a solitary Boeing, I would pick the 787.

Q: Which airplane do you generally favor flying in?

- Jasin Salo, New Zealand

An: I am exceptionally agreeable in many planes. The new wide bodies with their peculiarities and lie level seats are presumably my top picks.




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