Russia supposedly hits bargain with Cuba to revive Cold War-period listening post

16 july 2014

Russia has supposedly arrived at an arrangement with Cuba to revive a Cold War-period listening post that was utilized to block U.s. interchanges and give data to Russian Navy sends in the locale.

Government sources who addresses Russian daily paper Kommersant said the arrangement was arrived at while President Vladimir Putin was going to Havana Friday.

The sources said Moscow started chats with Cuba years back to re-open the post in the Havana suburb of Lourdes, however expanded transactions at the start of this current year. Russia is likewise consenting to discount 90 percent of the $32 billion obligation Cuba owes Russia, Kommersant reports.

The post, which opened in 1967, is spotted 150 miles off the shoreline of Florida.

At its top utilize, the post was worked by 3,000 Soviet military and sagacity work force, who blocked correspondences and transferred the data to Russian Navy ships and submarines in the Western side of the equator, as per The Telegraph.

Anyhow the post was shut in late 2001 because of an absence of Russian financing and weight from Washington to enhance ties between the two nations.

Vyacheslav Trubnikov, a previous executive of Russia’s discernment administration, said the post “gave the Soviet Union eyes in the entire of the western side of the equator.”

“For Russia, which is battling for its legitimate rights and place in the universal group, it would be no less profitable than for the USSR,” Trubnikov told The Telegraph.

The listening post was the most capable Soviet electronic brainpower focus found outside Russia’s domain, Kommersant reports.

U.s. State Department Spokeswoman Jen Psaki has not remarked on reports of the claimed arrangement because of the absence of an authority proclamation from Russia or Cuba, the daily paper reported, refering to Interfax news organization.





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