S Korea ship: Prosecutors look for capital punishment for skipper

S Korea ferry Prosecutors seek death penalty for captain

South Korean prosecutors are looking for capital punishment for the skipper of the Sewol ship, which sank in April murdering more than 300 individuals.

The prosecutors said Lee Joon-seok, who is accused of crime, neglected to execute his obligation.

The call came as they finished up their case in a trial which started in June.

The sinking started across the country sorrow and prompted serious feedback of both security models and the legislature’s treatment of the salvage operation.

A number of the individuals who kicked the bucket when the ship sank were teens on a school excursion. The calamity was faulted for a consolidation of illicit overhauls, over-burdening of freight and an unpracticed team part controlling the vessel.

There was open shock after survivors affirmed that they had been advised by the team to stay where they were even as the watercraft began to sink.

Penitentiary terms

Prosecutors said Capt Lee “got away from the boat without attempting any deliberations to safeguard travelers”, AFP news office reported.

“He rationalized and lied. He demonstrated no atonement… thus we request capital punishment,” they said.

Nobody has been executed in South Korea since 1997.

In this document photograph undertaken 16 April, 2014, South Korean coast gatekeeper officers salvage ship Sewol chief Lee Joon-seok, wearing a sweater and clothing, from the ship in the water off the southern drift close Jindo, South Korea Images from the 16 April episode show Capt Lee being safeguarded from the sinking ship

Amid the course of the trial, which is, no doubt held in the southern city of Gwangju, Capt Lee more than once told the court that he was befuddled and not in a typical perspective when the episode happened.

At the point when addressed, he did yield that he ought to have accomplished more to get travelers to wellbeing.

He likewise conceded that he knew the team part controlling the boat at the time of the mishap was moderately new to the occupation and did not have the abilities and experience needed.

Prosecutors requested three team parts to be sentenced to life in detainment.

They additionally suggested terms of between 15-30 years for the other 11 group parts who were attempted on lesser indictments.

The court is relied upon to convey its decision and sentences for each of the 15 group parts in November.

The Sewol had 476 travelers ready for it overturned and started to rundown off the southern shoreline of South Korea on 16 April.

Just 172 individuals survived the catastrophe, with Capt Lee and his team among the first to move into salvage pontoons.

A different trial is continuous for workers of the organization that worked the ship, Chonghaejin Marine Co.

The holder of the organization and extremely rich person representative Yoo Byung-eun vanished after the debacle and was later discovered dead.

Source: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-29783538



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