Simple Approaches to be a successful internet marketer

This guide is written for starters, people who have lost their way in learning curve or even for experts who are re-considering their career choice.


What It Takes to Be an Internet Marketer?

  1. Right Age: Many will hate me for discouraging “very young” people who wants to get involved in Internet Marketing. In my defense there is a reason our law defines people under 18 as non-adult citizen. So what is the right age to get into Internet Marketing ? 18 or above. The perfect specification will be 21. Yes, this is the age people gets standard level maturity, feels like invincible and doesn’t care about repeated failure(the winning attitude). I see temper in many people, which is not helpful in marketing.
  1. Mindset: A definite mindset is mandatory for starting your Internet Marketing career. It is nothing about extra earning, easy earning, part time earning or no brainier earning. It is a career choice where you have to put your blood & sweat to earn a fortune. Now why should you choose this when every one of us have a university degree on something that can be the career? Because in Bangladesh scenario, a university degree will make you good living where Internet Marketing will bring you fortune.

How Much Time You Should Spending Learning?

Internet marketing requires continuous learning or you will get out dated in 3-4 months. But as this guide is intended to help starter, you need to spend consistent 180 days in following the process.

Steps towards Internet Marketing:

First of all, I want to make some misconceptions clear:

  • As an Internet Marketer technical skills are surplus not mandatory
  • An Internet Marketer is nothing but a salesperson
  • The only thing that will define your expertise is “the amount of output/revenue” from your campaign.

Step – 1: Breaking the Language Barrier

Internet has broken the country barrier between you & your customers but you have to develop communication skill yourself. So from the perspective of Bangladesh, there is no alternative of learning English (Written & Oral both). If you want to expand your market more then you can spend time learning other major language like Mandarin, Spanish & German.

Step – 2: Learning “Marketing”

There is no way you can master a trade without having sound knowledge about its history, definition, terminology etc. So before you starting learning “Internet Marketing”, you need to know the basics about “Marketing”. A good way to start is using Secondary & Higher Secondary level’s commerce textbooks.

Step – 3: Learning “Internet Marketing”

Now that you have sound understanding about “Marketing”, you don’t have to learn anything new other than a newer medium of application. Start comparing the Offline & Online implementations of a single product. For example, Samsung Bangladesh does run their marketing campaign in both offline and digital medias like TV, internet & radio. Spend a day or more analyzing their platforms. You will see the implementation difference between TVC or Voice commercial or an Ad in Facebook. They are promoting the same campaign in different ways in different ways. If anything confuses you, do a Google search. Read a lot & think a lot. That’s the secret of achieving proper knowledge.

Step – 4: Building Your Authority/Domain

Now it’s time to narrow down or specify your style or domain or whatever you want to say it. Instead of being a Jack, you have to master one skill. Everyone has something natural in his/her personality. Seriously consider that while choosing your trade.

Step – 5: Start Internet Marketing

One of the major enemies of being a Doer is the fear of failing. To make it easier for you, if you get one success out of 30 tries, then consider yourself a good marketer.

Some More {Tips|Blah Blah}:

  • Always plan according to your current resources. If you find an “If” in your campaign plan then you are doing it wrong.
  • 21st centuries salesmanship consists of 3 things: – 1) A good listener 2) A problem solver 3) An adviser. You should practice this seriously.
  • Develop your own style of marketing.
  • Do not think Out-of-Box. Think within the box. Your success rate will be higher.

These are Simple Approaches to be a successful internet marketer.If above steps are followed correctly then anyone can build his/her career as an successful internet marketer.You should learn marketing before you can start learning about internet marketing. Just knowing “How” is not enough, you also need to know “Why”.

“Instead of being a Jack, you have to master one skill” – that’s what Panda Update is about.



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