Somalia’s legislature has offered an acquittal to contenders of Islamist gathering al-Shabab, in the midst of vulnerability over whether its pioneer survived a US air strike.

The activists would be reintegrated into society on the off chance that they surrendered throughout the following 45 days, an announcement said.

The offer appears to be an endeavor to adventure the defenselessness of al-Shabab after the air strike, experts say.

Al-Shabab has declined to say whether its pioneer Ahmed Abdi Godane survived.

The strike occurred on Monday as Mr Godane was going in a guard in southern Somalia’s Lower Shabelle locale.

Witnesses said US troops arrived at the site not long after the strike and took away bodies after a savage weapon fight, reports the BBC Somali Service’s Abdullahi Abdi.

Ugandan warriors, some piece of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), get ready to development on the town of Kurtunwaarey in the Lower Shabelle district of Somalia (1 September 2014) The 22,000-part AU drive in Somalia is pushing al-Shabab into rustic zones in the south

The Somali government’s reprieve offer seems, by all accounts, to be a political activity went for empowering abandonments from al-Shabab, he says.

The gathering is under weight militarily – not just has it confronted a US air strike, yet African Union (AU) and government troops have propelled a ground hostile to recover domain, our journalist includes.

Al-Shabab has lost control of four towns in the previous week, with AU and government compels now propelling towards the seaside town of Barawe, the principle base of the aggressors, he says.

Be that as it may, the administration confronts the danger of its reprieve offer reverse discharges as al-Shabab contenders take it up under the false affection that they have changed when, actually, they need to regroup in government fortifications to proceed with their military fight for an Islamic state, our reporter includes.

On Tuesday, al-Shabab representative Abu Mohammed told AP news office that six of its contenders were killed in the US air strike, around 240km (150 miles) south of the capital, Mogadishu.

He said Mr Godane’s caravan was en route to Barawe, yet he declined to affirm whether the bunch’s pioneer was among the victimized people.

Our reporter says it could take the US quite a while to close DNA tests on the bodies it had taken.

Emulating an air strike in 2011, it took the US around a month to affirm that it had killed al-Qaeda agent Fazul Mohammed.

Mr Godane headed al-Shabab into an organization together with al-Qaeda in 2009.

A US air strike executed his antecedent Aden Hashi Ayro a year prior.

The AU’s 22,000-in number drive in Somalia has helped the legislature recapture real towns and urban areas from al-Shabab.

Be that as it may, the gathering still controls expansive swathes of domain in rustic ranges and keeps on doing bombings and deaths in Mogadishu.

It is assessed to have no less than 5,000 contenders.